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Detailed information on how to add search help with Z to some fields on the standard screens, while remaining within the standard structure, is detailed below.

In this article, while adding a Z field to the search help in the standard fields, I will proceed through the Material (MATNR) field, which is the logistics basis of the SAP system, as an example. The material code standard search help is defined as MAT1. The MAT1 standard search help structure is as follows.


The material code can be accessed using many different search aids. If the customer needs do not cover any of these and a new tab is desired to be added, you can proceed by following the steps below.

1. The standard structure of MAT1 search help is as follows. The search help that appears on other screens such as MM02-MM03 is MAT1_A.

2. When we go into the MAT1_A search help, MM02-MM03 etc. The search aids of the structures found in the search aids tabs that appear in the operation codes are listed.

3. A new search help that meets customer demands is created and appended to the MAT1_A structure. The image after append is as follows.

4. You can be detailed according to customer needs with the views or CDS created in the ZMM_V_**** search help.

5. On the MM02-MM03 etc. screens, the search help with Z we have added will now be displayed as follows.

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