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Based on the project’s duration, impact and scope, different types of testing are conducted during different project phases. Independent which IT delivery model is used (Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid) these different testing varieties are recommended to be organized. Common varieties of testing which are needed during an SAP implementation are:

  • Functional testing: This involves testing individual functions, processes or features of the system to ensure they work as expected. Key users can use their knowledge of business processes and requirements to design and then execute functional tests.

  • Regression testing: This involves testing the system after changes have been made to ensure that existing functionality has not been negatively impacted. Key users can use their experience with the system to identify areas that are most likely to be impacted by changes and design regression tests accordingly. To avoid re-inventing the wheel time after time, it is recommended to setup and maintain a re-usable regression test set. (Automated) regression testing is strongly recommended during sprint developments and during the operational phase (a.k.a. run phase).

  • Integration testing: This involves testing how different parts of the system work together. Key users can use their knowledge of business processes and system interactions to design and execute integration tests. System integration dependencies are mostly high risk areas, so in-depth user knowledge is very valuable.

  • User acceptance testing: This involves testing the system from the perspective of end users to ensure it meets their needs and requirements. Key users can use their experience with the system up until then and their knowledge of the organization’s business processes to design and execute user acceptance tests.

  • Performance testing: This involves testing the system's performance under various load conditions to ensure it can handle the expected volume of transactions. Key users can contribute to determine the ‘hard’ requirements for the business processes to perform under load.

Spheres of testing

In the earlier blog we deep dive more into how to organize End-to-End testing in SAP solutions.
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