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What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a business management software, designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software which uses an integrated system to administrate the crucial aspects of businesses such as financial management, sales and customer management, inventory control, business intelligence, and analytics. The software offers industry-specific affordable and accessible solutions. The business solutions are precise and solve the immediate challenges faced by the SME’s.

The industry-specific capabilities are:

  • Retail: It helps consumers with products information and the personalized experiences they want. Harness point-of-sale insights and optimize the operations.

  • Consumer products: It analyzes, plan and manages the demand for delivering consumer goods.

  • Industrial machinery and components: Meet the customer demands, improve revenue flow by decreasing supply chain costs, shortening the cycle time and minimizing the rework process.

  • Wholesale distribution: Respond to customer’s and supplier needs with an integrated and flexible process. Improve the business process with proper planning, inventory, and SCM (supply chain management).

  • Professional services: Deliver high-quality, repeatable process, thus improving resource planning, project management, and billing process.


The management software has complete focus on the business aspect rather than technology to increase revenue. The primary business objectives of this software are:

  • Improve access to real-time management information to improve the decision making process.

  • Standardizes the process and eliminate duplicate entries.

  • Manage the IT infrastructure with little or no supervision.


Typical business customers of SAP Business One includes:

  • Small companies or subsidiaries of large companies

  • Businesses with minimum in-house IT expertise

  • Companies which require complete flexibility in choosing deployment option as per the business requirements

  • Companies which need a fully integrated ERP solution with the minimum investment

Deployment options


To achieve maximum flexibility and scalability cloud is a popular deployment option. The benefits one gets by adopting SAP Business One in cloud:

  • The vendor is in charge of data security

  • Predictable costs

  • Less implementation time

  • Increased stability with regular updates

  • Get advantage of the latest technology


SAP Business One is also available on the premise. The benefits are:

  • It has improved customisation feature

  • Increase control over the implementation process

  • Responsible for data security


USP of SAP Business One

  • It streamlines the operations and increases the business insights

  • Decision makers are notified immediately with the help of work-flow based alerts to take critical business decisions

  • Reduces the capital investment

  • Minimizes the IT overhead

  • Increases the agility of the businesses by responding to new opportunities


SAP Business One aims to automate vital business processes while reducing the total investment costs. It has surpassed 60,000th customer milestone mark and will continue to achieve more in the years to come.
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