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How has the Chemical Industry evolved with SAP?

Did you know that Northern Gas Networks who are known to keep 2.7 million businesses and homes in Northern England utilizing gas for cooking purposes are relying on SAP Analytics Cloud? While you are looking forward to understanding the ways through which you can connect all your assets, business, and human resources, almost every business belonging to the Chemical industry would now turn into intelligent enterprises where you can capitalize on all our day to day innovations with SAP solutions. This would allow you to choose strategic and important business decisions in this high-tech world. 

The chemical industry is known to face major business challenges owing to its volatile nature. We can understand the reason for this since digital transformations have played a disruptive role in the changing dynamics of the chemical industries. This has brought in a lot of information needed to thrive in the competitive ecosystem. 

Let’s take a look at a few interesting stats: 

  • More than 6500 Chemical industry businesses have innovated themselves with SAP solutions 

  • 94% of the increase in investments regarding digitization has been expected for the next 3 years 

  • 48% reduction in production overtime costs and DSO has been a regular scenario 

  • Project management has fastened up to 70-80% 

What are the business challenges faced in the Chemical industry?

There are several business challenges rocking the arena of the Chemical industry. Let's name a few of them:

  • Dynamically changing demand pattern 

  • Rapid growth and changes to be witnessed in the business portfolio 

  • High-end Regulations and compliance ​​ 

  • Increase in customer intimacy​​ 

SAP Solutions yielding a high-end business value

  • Increase in customer satisfaction with swifter on-time delivery by up to 10-30%.

  • Reduced overtime costs via higher adherence to the production plan by nearly 48%.

  • Increase in sales and financial planning with a reduction of 48% in days sales. 

  • Increase in the new product revenue while accelerating the overall innovation with a varied ecosystem above 10%.

  • Deduction of total logistics costs by nearly 10-12% with a properly integrated system.

  • Health, environment, and safety information to reduce operational hazards 

How can the Chemical industry sustain amidst the tough market condition? 

SAP S/4HANA Chemical management software is the answer. With a perfect business combo, you can get the maximum out of solving every bottleneck this industry faces. You can streamline your supply chain activities, procurement or demand management, business planning, promotion of linking visibility, and analytics. Take care of your production to market demands with the help of in-memory computing processes fuelled by real-time material requirement planning (MRP). Customers were able to expand their business ecosystem activities with Mobile apps and AR. They also reported more safety and productivity-enhancing features.

Reasons for the Chemical industry to choose SAP ERP

  • It is time for you to optimize your integrated operations managementcustomer retention rates, along cash application.  

  • Extend your asset intelligence networkpredictive quality, as well as product integrity.  

  • Transform your collaborative research and development with the aid of innovation-driven processes.  

  • Manage, finance, planning & production, sales & logistics, procurement, and quality assurance under a single roof with SAP chemical management software as well as the quality management software.  

  • No more interdependence on other ERP Software. You have all the solutions under SAP. 

What’s more? It is time for us to look forward to a future where SAP would rule the chemical industry.
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