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  • The Original post was relevant non-EHP version of ECC6.0,
  • Users in EHP environment, should read the Notes by the author at the end of this post dated 10/06/2016.


The environment in which the present subject is being discussed is that, where Large Machine installations like Furnaces, Cranes etc have been mapped as Functional Locations and the Equipments hierarchy follows under them.

The author, in the past had posted a document on the subject matter Equipment Availability - Concept & Issues. As defined in this document the usual method of deriving Equipment Availability through MTBR, MTTR parameters is by the formula:

Everything was OK until we see the Equipments in isolation.  It did not take longer for the Audit persons to reach the Logic that in an Enterprise Structure, if an Equipment undergoes breakdown, the Functional Location also goes inoperative. M2 Notifications are recorded on the Equipments but its effect impacts the hierarchy, finally affecting the bigger machine i.e., the Functional Location in our case.

The Audit demand was that the Equipment Availability figures be made available at the Functional Locations level, even when no direct M2 notifications are created on them.

Naturally, we approached OSS. The recommendation was in the form of implementing an SAP note namely 1074845, but with conditions like no further software support would be provided in relation to this. This is relevant to Functional Location-Equipment Hierarchy only, not to Equipment-Equipment Hierarchy. Meaning that, the MTTR, MTBR vales will be collected to Functional Locations only, but not to Superior-Ord Equipments.


So the objective of this document is to compute Nodal Equipment Availability on Functional Locations as explained above.

Let’s see how we do it !

Readers might by now have understood that by implementing the said SAP note, SAP will be providing the collective MTTR, MTBR values on the Functional Locations. Using these values our requirement of Calculating the Availability values can be easily done through formula given above.

Step1 (Implement the SAP note)

Steps suggested in SAP note 1074845 were implemented by BASIS people.

Important: The nodal MTTR, MTBR computation effect in the report MCJC would be seen with a condition that atleast One M2 Notification is created directly on this Functional Location. (This was the pre-requisite SAP informed us). Also we saw this. Until no M2 Notification is created on the immediate F/Locn, the MCJC report was coming blank inspite of several M2 Notifications exist on the hierarchy Equipments under this F/Locn. The moment we created one M2 Notification on the Big machine (F/Locn), the MCJC report showed the computed figures of hierarchical MTTR, MTBR values..

Step2 (Cross-check the impact of SAP note)

We manually checked the correctness of the collective values of MTTR, MTBR on the Functional Location through MCJC, by deriving from the individual Equipment values of MCJB. We confirmed that the things are accurate.


Here I want to share one information with the readers. Few might be wondering that this requirement can be well addressed by a simple development. Even I too tried this. Such development would be very complex because, taking care of Breakdown Duration Overlaps of Equipments under a Functional Location would be very complicated and so a less reliable code would be an outcome if developed locally. The same thing comes from Standard through this SAP-note in an accurate way.

Step3 (If required increase update frequency of S070 info-structure)

While testing we realized that the info-structure S070 (responsible for MCJC report) updates monthly (OMOS setting). So, to suit our requirement, we developed a simple program to update S070 (Calling Tcodes OLPM and OLIX in the code) and scheduled it to run daily (Initially we were updating 12Hrly but later modified for Daily updating).

Step4 (Develop a program to compute the Equipment Availability)

A simple program using table S070  (for periodical MTBR and MTTR values of the Functional Location) has been developed which calculates the Equipment Availability (in our case the Functional Location) using the formula given in the beginning.


ALV Output


This is to reiterate that SAP did not give any solutions to compute similar calculations on SuperiorOrd Equipments in relation to the sub-equipments. Also, these collective computations are valid on the immediate Functional Locations above the Equipment hierarchy. So starting with the Equipments which need these collective MTTR/MTBR computations, we had to  modify our structures to suit the present situation .

(Hoping that Readers will be able to distinguish the use of word Equipment in this article, sometimes it meant as an SAP object and at other it has general Equipment meaning)

...and I feel here too it is important for me to mention the version of my system where all these exercises were to be done. It is ECC6.0 no EHPs.

Hope members find this article useful.


  • The above was posted on the basis of ECC6.0 EHP0 version.
  • When we upgraded to EHP7, we saw the effect of the Note discussed above disappeared and the story repeats. We reported an incident to OSS.
  • SAP gave us a solution through a Note relevant to present version. The note is: 2327193
  • We applied this note and restored the Hierarchical MTTR / MTBR values on the F/Locans as discussed in the post above.


My recent post on related topic: Rebuild PM Infostructures (LIS)

Thank you


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