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Accelerate the SAP Solution's adoption time and build a new loyalty channel with your customers. 


Hello all, 

Currently, the commercial experiences which customers obtain during the navigation on any system, are somehow limited, either due to lack of availability or lack of customization to provide proper product and service information or post-sales support.  


Our Vision: 

 It is necessary to facilitate and simplify the commercial processes, streamline and expose information that is useful for customers and also once a solution is implemented, provide resources to the business user to support the technology adoption process. 


Hiby Asistant 

Hiby Asistant is an intelligent virtual assistant which can be embedded in any SAP ERP Solution, that provides support to the user by answering FAQs of the system's standard functionalities and components, helping them in the technology adoption process. It can also provide commercial information on services that the partner provides, that support the client in materializing the business objectives that were raised when implementing the solution or how to help the entire digital transformation process of your company.

Any additional information can also be added to the solution, such as your company's phone directory, information about future events or even contact information of leaders or process owners. 

 With Hiby, you can improve the user experience using SAP products, you can also imrpove the adoption rate for users and build a new loyalty channel with the partner as a strategic ally. 


What are some key benefits from Hiby? 


  • Lower the cost of helpdesk tickets 

 As Hiby has a strong knowledge base to answer FAQs, the customer will reduce the cost of first level helpdesk support.


  • Speed up time to software’s adoption 

 Beyond the user`s manual, and workshops to train the key users, Hiby serves as a visualization tool to guide the user execute the most common transactions and find answers to some error they might face. 


  • Access to information about partner’s products and services 

Access information about innovations and new products and services that the partner is bringing to the market, which can generate value for the business 


  • Personalized response of commercial request to the partner. 

 Hiby, apart from providing product and service information, can also redirect the leads to the commercial team. Hiby sends an email where the commercial consultant and the customer are linked, in that way it can a shorter and more accurate response to the request can be guaranteed.


  • New loyalty channel between the client and the partner 

 Hiby is a new way to establish a loyalty channel, where the partner can gain insights on how can continuously support the customer in its digital roadmap 


How does it work? 


Please click on this video containing a quickview on the functionalities that Hiby provides: 



Many customers would find value with this solution. We’d love to discuss more about it. Please feel free to review the solution in the SAP Store website: 


And reach out to us on the information listed in the contact section. At Seidor, customer satisfaction and quality in our products are always priorities in our list, and we are sure you’ll notice that in all of our solutions.  


Thank you very much for your attention.