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There is some confusion - In a sales order, can header condition type value be entered manually only? Can an access sequence be assigned to a header condition type? Can condition record be maintained for a header condition type? http://scn.sap.com/thread/359898

Business requirement: "requirement of referral bonus. A one time $100 bonus to customer irrespective of material or order type. The best way i found was to create a condition record for customer master  against a discount condition type." This requirement is from http://scn.sap.com/thread/3726747

As in the above requirement, some business scenarios require that a header discount or surcharge populate automatically in the sales order when some criteria are met. This discount should be applicable for the entire order and it should not be duplicated in every item.

So to populate a condition type automatically we need a condition record. For header condition type can we maintain condition records?

Can access sequence be assigned to a header condition type? Yes

In Condition type V/06, there are two fields Header condition, Item condition; as explained in the note, it does not imply that for header condition type one needs to activate Header condition field and leave Item condition field blank.

OSS note 17217 No access sequences for header conditions is beneficial.

“You do not classify a condition as a header or item condition by selecting the above fields but rather by selecting the key fields for this condition which you will find either at header level (for example, customer) or at header and item level (division).

Note:  If you check both the above fields, the system does not display the error message.”

If we select Header condition and keep Item condition blank, system will not allow to assign access sequence. As the note suggests both fields should be activated, with this setting the condition records can be created.

Both fields activated: Header and Item conditions; access sequence maintained

VK13, condition record maintained. Note: As the note suggests choose order header level fields

Header discount condition value populating automatically because condition record is maintained and this value is not duplicated because Group condition field is activated

VA01, sales order created with 2 line items. Expected result is to get a header discount of 10 EUR

Item level: This header discount is not duplicated. It is distributed proportionate to the quantity in each line item; because of group condition functionality


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