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This is quite simple but found useful for CE environment changes done by SAP during Upgrade. Thought this might be helpful sharing.

During Upgarde we found that option of having Person Id on the selection screen disappeared from standard SAP reports like Time Balances, Quota accrual and Wage Type Reporter.

For example: Time Balance Report  selection after upgrade and no configuration changes.

Before Upgrade SAP program used to just check CE environment and hardcode all the programs with <program>_CE to remove this hardcoding SAP introduced new table I think.

After Upgrade the Code which looks for CE vs Non-CE reports is changed ( Function module: HRCCE_GET_REPORTNAME ), After upgrade it looks in table which is new T77CCE_PRG_PRGCE. When the entries are maintained for the view then the screen is changed to show CE environement selection screen.

Same transaction code PT_BAL00 for example changes as follows:

Relevant Note: 1925170 - SAP menu: Instead of a report, the corresponding CE report is called

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