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Some of the benefits of HCM-Framework "Processes & Forms" ist the flexibility in many places. So you can use different approval workflows for different processes.

There are already a lot of good blogs on the subject Processes & Forms to dive deeper.
For example:

Or SAPs documentation...

Or a nice book...


On of our challenges was to find a dynamic way to use different approval szenarios for different customers for the same processes. Of course, with flexible agent detection for the approval steps.
So I tried in the first version with a generic start workflow for all of our forms. So every form uses the same workflow to start. So this is how the forms are also delivered.

Then I created a Customizing Table for our customers.

There are also three different workflow templates for one step approval, two step approval and three step approval. In the customizing table you can make an entry for every form and the associated workflow. Moreover for every step you can maintain who should approve this step. First or second Manager, Users from a special Role, HR administrator....
This is easy to understand for the customer in customizng and not so error-prone.

In the generic start workflow I used own task to determine the customized workflow for this form.
First I had also a own task for starting the customized workflow but I decided to call them as subworkflows because it's easier to understand in the log for customers.

In the called approval workflow I created an own rule for agent detection. This rule also reads the customizing and adds the corresponding agents to the workitem.

So this works really good now. But after the release there were of course many ideas for improvement. So it's really bad to have three different worklows to maintain. So next step will be to use only one workflow for all forms and create this worklow dynamic in itself.

So for example using loops for approval steps with dynamic loop count as step number...

Keeps interesting 😉


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