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This part wraps up the blog series:


-Part 1: Intro to OADP and Organization Structure Views

-Part 2: OADP continued (Object Provider...the "O" of OADP)

-Part 3: OADP wrap up (Data Provider....the "D" of OADP)

-Part 4: Search Help WebDynpro ABAP components and usage in HCM P&F forms

-Part 5: The OADP WebDynpro ABAP component

-Part 6: Summary


OADP in PD Process Start Application

Lastly, one more interesting thing to note. Remember the WDA application we launch to start a PD process ?

Take a guess what is behind all of this screen too? OADP strikes again!!!! This one is not as straightforward.

First, the application sets up "what" objects the user can choose from in the "Object Type" dropdown in WDA component HRASR00_OBJECT_SEARCH in the view OBJECT_SEARCH  method  WDDOINIT  where you see the code:


*Get the corresponsding text for  the object type

SELECT otype FROM t5asrobjects INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF  otype_struc
WHERE is_used_by_asr = wd_assist->true
AND application EQ if_hrasr00_process_constants=>pd_application.

SELECT SINGLE otext FROM t777o INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF otype_struc WHERE otype = otype_struc-otype
AND   langu = sy-langu.

IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
APPEND otype_struc TO otype_tab.

The next part is how to link the selected object type to the correct OADP configuration. This is done in WDA component HRASR00_OBJECT_SEARCH in the view OBJECT_SEARCH  method SEARCH_OBJECT where you find this code that reads table t5asrobjprocprp:

* define orgviewgroup
* use the MSS position selection orgviews as example

SELECT * FROM t5asrobjprocprp INTO t5asrobjprocprp_wa
WHERE otype EQ object_type
AND   processor_role EQ initiator_role.

IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
= t5asrobjprocprp_wa-orgviewgroup.

After that, it's all the same kind of things we talked about already! No real magic at all.


Now, after surviving through this torturous read, what have we learned? That OADP really does drive our Search Help window pop-up in almost every way!

Our simple pop-up window...

....is actually....

I hope this has helped. As always....till next time....enjoy!

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