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     For some odd reason (*rant*), "documents" do not get the visibility of "blogs" on SCN. For that reason, they often get "lost in the shuffle" only to be found if someone stumbles upon them with a Google search or something. Therefore, I wanted to make sure the HCM P&F people of the world were aware that I just posted up a 3 part series about working with the FPM LIST UIBB (ie. tables) in your forms.

These documents are:

HCM Processes & Forms: CRUD with FPM tables/lists - part 1 : the Basics and Standard Events

HCM Processes & Forms: CRUD with FPM tables/lists - part 2 : Advanced Operations

HCM Processes & Forms: CRUD with FPM tables/lists - part 3: Expert Handling

     This series is not about backend CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations on the database or how to do these through a table. Those kind of CRUD operations are all handled in your good old Design Time (transaction HRASR_DT) configuration and/or Advanced Generic Services. When I discuss CRUD in this series of documents, it is directly discussing how to achieve this in the table/list itself.

  • How do you know what row the user selected?
  • How do you add a row?
  • How do you add a row a specific point in the table?
  • How do you delete a row?
  • How do you delete multiple rows?
  • How do you set particular cells in a column to be open for input or read only?

     All of these questions and more will be answered for you! So please....if you have a moment....go check them out and let me know what you think. As always, I hope they help and more than happy to share the knowledge. I will share more if you keep reading. Till next time...

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