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With On-Premise nearing retirement, it’s good to see some HCM additions that are very useful and will add value to customers.  Some if these additions would have been welcomed many years ago by customers, but I guess better late than never!!

It is worth reading through the SAP notes as there are some useful additions to core HR, below are a few key samples. 

  • Refresh button in Display Master Data (PA20) – This button allows you to refresh the data being displayed for an employee, rather than having to exit Display HR Master Data and then go back in again.

  • New user parameter to Remove Multiple Entries in Personnel Number Search Help (HR_SEARCH_SHOW_P_1 set to X).   Currently when you search for an employee, (by name for example), if they have more than one record for the infotype you are searching against, then multiple lines will appear, this can now be de-activated. Once the parameter is activated, it will only show in the search results the record that is valid as at todays’ date.

  • Locking records time out – If you are in Maintain Master Data and are in an employee’s record, you lock anyone else from maintaining that record, including payroll.   If you are in a record and have not done anything for 10 minutes, you will receive a warning that you will be switched to Display Master Data.   If after another 5 minutes you have still not done anything, you will be switched over to Display Master Data.  This will then open the record for other users to process.


  • Organizational Structure (PPOSE) from Organizational Assignment (Infotype 0001).  When you are in an employee’s Organizational Assignment infotype, you can navigate to the Organisational Structure in Organisational and Staffing mode.  You can also navigate back to the employee’s Organisational Assignment infotype.

  • Additional text information can be associated with wage types and displayed via basic pay (0008), recurring payments and deductions (0014) and additional payments (0015) infotypes.  This text can be useful to describe the wage type for end users and provide additional information on how the wage type is used in the payroll process, for example any calculations or whether a wage type is pensionable.

  • Masking Date of Birth in search results display.  When using search help that includes date of birth on the result display, this can now be suppressed with a bit of configuration.

I hope you found this content useful.