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This documentation is aimed to gain the knowledge required for production planner to perform Handling unit related production process. This is not a full detailed document of all details of HU management, but covers the basic and important details required for processing HU managed materials in SAP PP module.


Knowledge in basic production process in SAP PP module.

Document flow

This document is explained in 3 parts. Initially the main production flow is explained then follows the required master data settings and finally configuration settings are listed.

Handling Unit management integration with Production Planning

I. Production process

1.      Production Order

Create a production order from CO01.

2.      Confirmation

Confirm the order from CO11, along with auto GI.

3.      Pack for Work Order

Pack the order from COWBPACK. Enter the production order number and hit enter.

In the following screen click on select or automate button to get the pop up for selecting the packing instruction , in which we maintain number of units of product to be packed in number of packing materials. Select the required instruction and you will get the HU’s created. Save the HU’s.

4.      Goods Receipt

Do the GR from COWBHUWE.

Give the order number and click on “Propose HU” button. Now a list will appear with material to be packed and packing material along with HU number assigned to it. Once you click on save button GR will be done for the finally packed product.


II. Master Data settings

1.      Create Packing material

Maintain the Packing material group and Packing material type along with normal material master settings.

2.      Create Material to be packed

Maintain the Packing material group same as the packing material settings.

3.      Create Packing instruction

Assign the check profile to handle HU proposals depending on the status of HU.

Maintain the dimensions of packing.

Enter the combination of main material and packing material to be used in this instruction.

4.      Create Packing instruction determination records

Select the required key figure combination as per requirement, and maintain the required number of packing instructions to be displayed during HU creation.

III. Configuration settings

1. Define Packaging Material Types

The packaging material type combines packaging materials into groups and contains essential control features which apply to the corresponding shipping materials.

2. Define Material Group for Packaging Materials

In this menu option, you define material groupings packaging materials, with which materials that are to be packed into similar packaging materials are grouped together.

3. Define Allowed Packaging Materials

When packing materials or handling units, the system checks whether the packaging materials for the handling unit, to which the items are to be packed, is allowed for packing.

4. HU Requirement for Storage Locations and Default Values for Deliveries

In this step, for each storage location, you maintain the handling unit requirement and the default values for creating a delivery. When you set the HU requirement indicator for a storage location, you can only make stock postings if you specify the handling unit. If you do not specify the handling unit, the system does not create a material document when you make the posting but creates a delivery document.

5. Maintain Packing Transaction Profile

There are different profiles for packing in Repetitive Manufacturing and in delivery. The profile defines parameters such as the determination procedure, the display mode, and the packing mode for the packing transaction when used in a specific area.

6. Define Check Profile for Packing Status

In this step, you define inspection profiles for packing instructions. You use these inspection profiles to define the packing status of an HU template. In the inspection profile, you assign packing statuses to the possible ways in which an HU template can vary from a packing instruction

7. Define Determination Type for Packing Instructions

In this step, you define specific determination types for packing instructions. For example, you can define determination type "Packing in shipping", and assign packing instructions to this determination type. The determination types thus enable you to group the packing instructions valid for a specific area.

8. Define Procedure for Packing Instructions Determination

In a packing instruction determination procedure, you define which determination types are used and in which sequence. In packing instruction determination, the system determines automatically the procedure valid for a business transaction, and uses the determination types contained in this procedure in sequence.