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Problem Statement: You created Custom fields in CFL APP and transported the same to next landscape. Then, you deleted the fields and created new. Ideally the deletion should get captured in the transport automatically but you see it is not captured. Once you move the transport to quality, you see new fields but the old fields still sitting in quality system although you deleted them from Development system.


Solution: This is relevant for S/4 HANA 2022 version as in earlier version this was not possible but now SAP has supported this feature. Either your changes will capture automatically in the transport (Depends upon settings in S_ATO_SETUP) . But if  you missed it and want to take up this manually ,please refer to below guide.

Goto Transaction "S_ATO_SUPPORT"

Click on "Show objects of Item"


Then select check box "Include History"

Select Item type : CFDF (custom field)

Put your field name and execute.

You will get list of R3TR entries. Copy all of them and add into the transport (Workbench) manually.

Now when you will move this transport to next landscape it will delete those unwanted fields and make your system consistence with dev box.

This will help to remove in-consistency from the system.

Thanks for reading the post. Happy learning.
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