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The Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) – SAP strategic alliance is 30 years old. In addition to impressive longevity, the relationship has consistently evolved in response to rapid – often head-spinning – changes in technology, marketplace realities including Covid-19, and our mutual customers’ business challenges. The result has been the creation of a 360 degree partnership where we serve as each other’s customers, suppliers, co-innovators, and go-to-market partners.

But enough about us. What does this all mean for you?

Getting what you need to you fast

In an 80+ year tradition that began in David Packard’s famous garage, HPE’s hallmark remains “innovation,” But given today’s rapid evolution of technology and business realities, we felt we needed to go further, taking an extra step with an approach and a vision that would deliver innovation quickly to exactly where it needed to go and make sure it accomplished exactly what it was supposed to do.

So we have added “action” to our “innovation” hallmark. This has allowed us to look ahead to determine where business and technology were going and develop solutions from the edge to the cloud that would help enterprises adopt those solutions as quickly as possible.

“Action” to “innovation” continue to help us anticipate the future. That’s why Antonio Neri, our President and CEO, has committed HPE to offering its entire solutions portfolio on an “as-a-service” basis by 2022.

SAP shares our commitment to both innovation and action. That why you can count on us to make sure your SAP projects, including a move to SAP S/4HANA, will achieve results without delay and WITH confidence.

Best practices vs. nice tries

HPE selected SAP to run our entire ERP landscape years ago. HPE enterprise. We are now in the process of transforming our organization into “HPE Next.” So now, we our moving to SAP S/4HANA in what we call the HPE Next Generation IT (NGIT) project. The entire process has been successful and transformative. Throughout the move and upon completion, NGIT will make an essential contribution to the formation of HPE Next into a more agile and streamlined organization that is better able to respond quickly to rapidly evolving customer needs.

We are prepared to share the best practices we have learned in our own move with customers like you undergoing a similar transformation. So when you work with HPE and SAP, you get proven results, not well-meaning but often unsuccessful efforts.

We are taking the NGIT best practice to our customers.

Yes, but will the darned thing work?

Our relationship with SAP means that we give our all to ensure you get outstanding performance from our joint solutions.

We will first look at the "what": what IT solutions do you need to achieve your business goals more quickly, securely, and confidently? We then make sur ethat each element of the "what" is included in the certified solutions for the SAP ecosystem. This encompasses:

  • HPE Compute such as HPE Superdome Flex, HPE ProLiant, HPE Synergy and HPE Apollo

  • HPE ConvergedSystem portfolio based of HPE SimpliVity

  • HPE Storage Solutions – HPE Nimble, HPE 3PAR with the new HPE Primera

  • HPE Intelligent Edge – HPE Edgeline and Aruba

Then, we look at the “how”: what options can we offer that will make it easier for you to acquire the solutions you need? One major contribution we make is this area is HPE GreenLake, an acquisition and consumption model that lets you purchase solutions using OPEX funds, plus acquire the compute and storage capacity you need while paying for only what you actually consume.

HPE also makes available the expertise you need to successfully plan, design, implement and manage your SAP deployments with our Pointnext Advisory & Professional Services.

Work? You bet it will. Often beyond your expectations … and that’s a good thing.

Become part of a large and growing team

When you contact the HPE – SAP alliance to help in your digital transformation project(s), you will find that you are definitely not alone. 46% of SAP licenses worldwide run on HPE systems.

You will also find that you are not left to fend for yourself at any point in the solution’s lifecycle. We offer:

  • Account professionals that can typically identify the best joint HPE-SAP solution for your specific operations

  • Over 9,500 SAP solution experts managing more than 2,000 data centers for SAP customers. We know how to make these joint solutions operate at their best

  • it work

  • A portfolio that includes everything from hardware to operating systems to expert services to innovative consumption models

  • A complete, end-to-end solution from the edge to the cloud.

When should you start your “alliance” with us?

Ideally, as soon as you know you want to embark on a journey of digital transformation. This allows HPE and SAP to work together from the start to plan, design, and implement the set of solutions that’s ideal for you. For example, using HPE’s Right Mix approach and Hybrid Cloud Optimization Advisory, we can quickly determine the best hybrid cloud approach and identify which workloads belong where.

As I noted earlier, we can also help you define the best way to acquire the technology for your solution, especially using the HPE GreenLake consumption approach/model. Finally, contacting us early allows us to identify other partners in the HPE – SAP ecosystem who can bring important additional capabilities to the solution.

No going in circles

Referring to the HPE – SAP alliance as a 360 relationship does NOT indicate that we’re running around in circles. Quite the opposite. This “all in” approach actually allows us to identify the challenges you are facing and directly address them with our joint solutions. You move ahead quickly, confidently, successfully.

More information on the HPE – SAP alliance is available here.

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