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We all are very familiar with this icon, and very well know the capabilities of this tool in storing our documents, notes, URLs etc.

So I am not going to list the uses of the same here neither how to operate this tool,

All we are going to see here is:

How to get this to my Infoset Query Selection Screen?

We start here

The pre-requisite is that we need to have a GOS Business Object in the System ( in this case it is ZPM )

(Business Object is Created through Tcode SWO1 .Your technical person will be able to help in knowing this)

Now Let's get into the Main Exercise

Everything we need to do is in the Infoset only (SQ02).

And here Everything we have to do is in the Code Section of Extras area.

We know in the Code tab, there are different sections like

We need to give GOS code at the places shown by the arrows, namely, the DATA section and the AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT

Give the following Code in the DATA  section

CONSTANTS: objtype TYPE borident-objtype VALUE 'ZPM'.  
DATA: manager
TYPE REF TO cl_gos_manager,


*Observe the Business Object in the above code

Give the following Code in the AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT  section

CLEAR obj.
obj-objtype = objtype.
INTO obj-objkey WHERE tcode = sy-tcode.
is_object    = obj
ip_no_commit =
OTHERS       =


Job done.

Now run the Infoset Query once through SQ01 and Execute.

You will find the GOS icon before the Title of the Selection Screen.

Do not attach your documents here.

Now, run your Tcode.You will find the GOS toolbar before the Selection Screen Title in your Infoset Query Tcode. Here you can create attachments, URLs, Notes and many possibilities you know about the GOS features.

The End result is

Note: In case Readers want to know how to create a GOS Business Object through SWO1, there are many documents available in SCN on this subject.

I am hopeful this will be useful for the Infoset users.

Thank you

Jogeswara Rao K


How to Create a GOS Business Object ? 

Let's understand by creating  GOS Business Object say ZTEST. (ZPM in the code used above)

Run Tcode SWO1, Click on Create, give these values and proceed.

Now you are in this screen.

Keep cursor on Interfaces node and click on Create (F5) icon.

Give value IFGOSXSERV in the pop-up and continue

So this Interface is added like this.

Save .

Place cursor on  ZTEST.GOSAddObjects in Methods node

and click on the icon Redefine

Now keep cursor on ZTEST.GOSAddObjects and click on the push button Program


Say Yes to this pop-up

Do nothing here. Just Save the resulting program screen below, and Click on Back arrow

Now Implement the Object by Edit --> Change Release Status --> Object Type --> To implemented


In a similar way to the above set the Object Type status To Released .

(Ignore pop-ups appear if any)


Now the final Step.

Click on  to generate.

You will get a Success message in the Status bar.

Now your GOS object ZTEST is ready for use.

(This can be used in the place ZPM used in the code of the Infoset.)

Best of Luck

Jogeswara Rao K