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It seems very basic but is of interest to many SAP Aspirants to get to know what training courses are available and how they can start their learning journeys and ultimately grow as Consultants.

1. The address of the shop is training.sap.com.

2. When you go to the address, it automatically shows you the local version of the site, in my case, it's Indonesia, which you can change.

3. The list on the first page classifies the available training into categories and topics with a further breakdown, where applicable, such as Applications > Human Capital Management (HCM) > SAP ERP.

When you choose a topic you are interested in, you're redirected to another page, which provides more details.

1. There are different ways to consume the required knowledge, including

2. One can also choose a specific training Delivery Format, such as

  • Instructor-Led, or

  • Self-Paced.

3. Based on your selection in 1 and 2, you can see the details of available courses for

  • Basic

  • Intermediate, or

  • Advanced Levels.

4. You can also Download track of the selected training in PDF format.

The PDF document provides details on all of the courses available within the track.

In addition to the above details, you can also search for the training code in the search bar of the main page to find out its availability near you.

For instance, when I search for the same code THR10, I also get THR12 which is related to the first course.

You can 1) clear any of the applied or 2) apply additional filters to search results.

By clicking the session, for example, the THR10 - Management Administration 1, you can see its details:

Can you find out the course of your interest? 

If yes, let us know if it was easy or do you have any other questions?
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