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In some transactions like Bank Payment Advice, Journal Entry Voucher or Payment Allocation - Allocation to G/L Account, you can add useful information using fields "generic custom code 1", "generic custom code 2", "generic custom code 3. You need to use Personalization tool to show these fields in the UI:

You can configure the values in the activity "Account Assignment Types"


But, you can see than it's possible to set the value of the field called "Custom Generic Object" with an OVS selector, but if you try to press the button, you'll get an empty list of values:

Where can you set the possible values for this field? I think there is no information about it, so I have written this post.

You need to develop a PDI solution using SAP Cloud Application Studio!!!

You can find this Business Object in Repository Explorer:

You can create some code to add values to this writeable BO, and they will be showed in the

I hope this information will be useful and if you need help with your SAP Business ByDesign, do not hesitate to contact me.

Fernando Alonso