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Hi All,

This is my first blog in the community, hope you all will benefit from content.

I searched in the community but I could not find any content relates to this topic, hence sharing my experience with you all.



DMEE is being used as the standard file generator which is required to generate files in a specific format in H2H setup (Communicating data from SAP to Third party server Ex: Bank ).

For step by step configuration you may refer below blog posts posted by vincent007.


DMEE Configuration : Step By Step Part 1

DMEE Configuration : Step By Step Part 2


This blog post will explain certain functionalities in DMEE.


Functionalities in DMEE Configuration

Go to Transaction code DMEE and select the tree type & format tree created by referring above links.

Scenario 01 : The specific file format requires to eliminate special characters.

Ex: # , ; ' " :

This can be achieved through below option.

Go to Header Node in your created DMEE file and select File Data.

Eliminate Special Characters from the file


Scenario 02 : The specific file format requires to display data in the file in a specific format.

Ex: Date format has to be YYY.MM.DD

This can be achieved through below option.

Select the relevant element that require a data format change and go to Attributes tab select the Conv. Function .

Data Format Change


Scenario 03 : You will require to eliminate first few characters of a certain structure field or there can be limit that number of characters that can be populated in the require file format.

This can be achieved through below step.

Select the relevant element that require a character elimination and go to source tab, then enter required number of characters that needs to be eliminated in file generation.

Limiting the character count


Scenario 04 : You will require to display a count to show that how many times a certain data/tag appearing in the file.

EX: In a Bank Payment detail, there will be a field to show number of payment records that exists in the specific file.

Step 01: Create a reference ID for the field that needs to be counted (In our scenario this will Payment amount field which will recur based on the number of payments)

Select the relevant element and go to Attributes tab enter the Reference ID (You can enter any value under this field).

Creating a Reference ID

Step 02: Select the relevant element that requires to show the number of occurrences, in our scenario it is number of payment records.

Select the relevant element, go to Attributes tab and select the "Reference to tree node" under Mapping Procedure.

Selection of Mapping Procedure

After the selection go to Source tab and enter the details under "Reference to other tree node".

Under "Refer. Node ID" Select the created Reference ID in Step 01.

Reference ID Selection

In the same window under "Attribute" select the relevant attribute. In our Scenario the relevant attribute will be " 3 - Counter Reading "

Attribute Selection


From this blog post you all were able to learn some functionalities in standard DMEE configuration, hope this blog post will be helpful for you all.


Please let me know in the comments section if there are any suggestions or improvements that needs to take place.


Have a Great Day !



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