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People Profile (PP3) has been released and explained in a couple of blog posts and the configuration guide is available in SAP Service Marketplace.

There are some known limitations that are documented in the configuration guide. But there are however some additional less known limitations as of b1602 / Q1/2016 release. These are:


  • Support for Global Assignments (was possible in EC with Employee Profile v12 UI)
    Support for Concurrent Assignments (was possible in EC with Employee Profile v12 UI)
  • Support for deep linking to specific blocks / sections for a user from a PM form (was possible in EC with Employee Profile v12 UI from both PM v11, PM v12 and PM v12a forms)
  • EC Help Text for each Portlet (not available in "Blocks" or "Sections")

Further, from a maintenance and administration perspective it seems that PP3 cannot easily be copied from one instance to another but this may be just me who has missed out on something.

There are some system features that are ONLY supported in PP3, these are for example:

  • Manager and Employee Self Service Document Generation using native EC document generation
  • Manager Team Overview in Home Page Team Tile (the team metrics view option)
  • Alignment of UI with native mobile apps

... but as time goes by I would assume that the number of new features made available for PP3 will just grow.

All the best

Erik Ebert, GP Strategies