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In-House Cash (IHC) - Account Maintenance & Bank Determination setup

Key theory background:

Bank area: Central organizational unit of current accounts. It processes and manages all the current accounts in an independent self-contained system.

A company has to be assigned to each Bank Area. There must be a Bank Area that represents the IHC center. If you have multiple IHC Centers then multiple bank areas are required.

The IHC center receives its own Bank Key, in other words it behaves like a Bank on its own. (see IMG reference: IHC_V_BANK_AREA)

(*) To avoid problems when checking the length of the bank key or number, you can use the FI-BL transaction FIHC to create it.

Product: Set of current account attributes. Used as a template for defining fields, conditions and limits, features and payment trx operations.

  • You define Products (template) and then create accounts based on them.
  • Assign the products to the bank areas in which they will be used.
  • A Product Configurator is available for defining the products (see IMG reference).

Account Overview

Product ==>

Account ==>


Defines attributes (template)

Type: Customizing Object

Specific characteristics of a product.

Type: Master Data

You have to create one of them for each participating affiliated company

  • Bank Area
  • Account number
  • Account Holder (Business partner BKK010)

Key Business Partner (BP) role concept.



Standar Role

Acount Holder

Owner of the current account. i.e.  Affiliated Company


Authorized drawer

  1. i.e Employee(s) of the Affiliated Company for this function.


Bank statement recipient

Address for bank statements. You can assign more than one


Contact person

It must be an actual person. You can assign more than one to the account. The assignment is only for informational purpose.


Account maintenance officer

Internal employee responsible


Process: Account Creation

Create account (F9K1)

Deactivate Check. Digit If ‚X’ => the account number is created without check digit calculation.

==> Enter

Tab: Basic Data

For authorized Drawer use BP Role ‘BKK020’

Tab: Limits

These limit categories control the coverage check for the account during the payment transactions as well as balance-dependent conditions. Because the limit categories are each linked to various functions it is advised NOT to change them. These limits are currency dependent, which is ruled by the account currency.

Tab: Account Statements

For account statements recipient use BP Role ‘BKK030’

Bank Determination (Configuration)

Step 1: Add account to house bank (Trx. FI12)

Step 2: Payment Program settings for Bank Determination

Trx F110 => Environment => Maintain configuration

1. Ranking order

Payment method = ‘I’  Internal Transfer IHC

2. Bank accounts

Bank subaccount: GL account where the payment amounts will be posted

End of the document. I hope you enjoy it!

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