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Inetum Business Solutions Morocco is proud to announce to the SAP ecosystem that we are the first SAP Partner to have localized the ERP SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition for Morocco.


In fact, we started our 1st implement project on 15/10/2022 for a leading Oil & Gas company in Morocco who already went live on 03/04/2023.


Relying on our deep expertise in SAP S/4HANA, our team quickly upskilled on the public cloud version making it easy to adopt the fit-to-standard approach during the explore phase.


The Presales:


We worked hand in hand with the SAP local team to ensure the solution would fit our customer’s business requirements. Thanks to the DDA (Digital Discovery Assessment) that SAP made available to its partners we were able to know what exactly the solution covers and what are the eventual gaps or upcoming features that the customer might use from future releases.


The Project:


The SAP Activate Methodology was key in the implementation since it allowed us to activate the business processes in the cloud straight forward as a continuation of the DDA phase.


To complement the fit-to-standard approach, we used the Localization as a Service tools provided by SAP to setup and implement all the Moroccan specific necessary requirements for our customer. These tools are mainly the CBC (Customer Business Configuration) and CLT (Customer Localization Tool).


CBC allowed us to perform scoping activities, by selecting the relevant scope items, manage organizational structure elements, and perform configuration activities for each business scope.


CLT allowed us to select Morocco as a target country in CBC, taking Germany as a source of copy for the selected scope items. Without CLT, we would simply not have been able to create a company located in Morocco.


The Localization:


We can summarize the concept of the Moroccan localization that we implemented during our 1st SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition project into using the generic template provided by SAP (German Localization) and adding into it the following components, making it possible for our customer to use a localized ERP in the cloud without many further custom developments:

  • Local Chart of Account

  • Purchasing accounting integration

  • Reporting

  • Forms

  • ...


The Challenges:


Since it was our 1st Public Cloud implementation, we cannot say that the execution went without challenges. It took us some time to familiarize ourselves with the tools and implement the local requirements, however working with SAP as one team was key in overcoming g these challenges in a timeframe acceptable by the customer.


The Partner Solution Adoption represented locally by walid.belahmer  from SAP played a vital role in this first of its kind project, by coordinating the actions between the Inetum implementation team and the SAP Development, Product Management and leadership teams.


Next Steps:


To capitalize on our knowledge and the expertise acquired by our implementation, presales and commercial teams during this 1st SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, we decided to create the 1st localization package in Francophone Africa.


The package consists of a commercial offer around SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, including the setup of all the legal, finance and business-related localization requirements within a fixed time frame using a fixed fit-to-standard scope.


We finalized the functional and technical aspects of our SAP localized QPPS (Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution) for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition and are currently working with the SAP local team to promote and monetize our package at scale.


Stay tuned if you would like to use the latest Public Cloud SAP ERP for as low as 2.6€ per user and per calendar day!


For commercial enquiries, please feel free to reach out  henryste
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