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SAP recently have completed 50 years of its inception and in this journey, expanded to 180 countries and touched each industry type. SAP horizon is expanded from 150-year-old organization to newly launched startup or NFL team. SAP have touched different industries and cut through many verticals. Scope and feature which were relevant five years back need modification due to contact change in business ways of working and moving towards digitalization.

And to cater this need, SAP products have gone through different upgrades to get closer to business requirement and get user friendly.


Based on my study with recent SAP implementation and my own experience, here are major goals organization wanted to achieve with sap implementation. I have reviewed various industry type but irrespective of their functionality, major goals remain similar.


  • Consolidated a fragmented landscape – Instead of using various system use one integrated solution.

  • Evaluate various processes like finance, inventory, manufacturing

  • Adopting best industrial practice from across the globe

  • Future ready – with changing business requirement, robust system support changes

  • Digital enabler and integrator

To meet up above goals, SAP have solid base with to the requirement configuration for various industry type. Various solutions are

  • S/4 HANA (modules for finance, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, service, R&D, and asset management (EAM))

  • SAP Ariba

  • Success Factor

  • SAP Business Suite


With the change in solutions even the implementations approach is also upgraded with Activate methodology where Agile methodology is integrated with SAP implementation approach for swift implementation and realization.


With a successful implementation, organization can reap immediate and long-term benefits, some of them are listed below;

  • Consolidation and aligned data into one system with uniform definition

  • Seamless operations and standard, unified set of processes across region

  • Improved information visibility, allowing management to make more effective business decision to support.

  • Improved information visibility

  • Better integration with other system

  • Improved inventory management

  • Improved customer services


Along with all other preparations, organization have to prepare themselves much before actual implementation to avoid some of major pitfall (overrunning or underperforming);


  • Mindset conditioning – Workforce are accustomed to certain WoW, using certain tools so it’s of utmost importance to prepare them for change.

  • Ready to accept change – SAP is designed considering industries best practice, so be ready to adopt new process flow.

  • Work force is in right frame of mind during changeover – Implementation journey varies from months to years so ensure organization is not going thought any other major changes (like transition, relocation etc)

  • Management is ready to provide support for long term – Due to process complexity, some of benefits do take time and so stakeholders have to committed to provide support


I know all above topics can be expanded but my idea is just to capture some generic observations. I will really appreciate you view, comments feedback on above article.


Kindly feel free to share & provide your feedback.
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