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The Freight tab can appear when we execute the transaction code MIGO for purchase order receipt.


This is the first time that the I known this about SAP system since I worked on SAP consultancy from the year 2005. I knew this information today(2022-1-5), just now. Nature aroused my strong curiosity. After checking the information on the Internet, I got some useful information, so I wrote this blog and took a study note!


1, SPRO purchase surcharge freight condition type configuration.

Condition type FRA2,


Change the configuration for this condition type,

Change the value of the field  'Suppl.Goods Receipt'  from empty(this is the standard entry)into 2 (-Entry always possible). See above screen.



This field is used to control whether freight supplier code can be entered during receipt. As shown below:




2, ME21N to create a purchase order 4500000793.



Maintain the rate of freight condition type FRA2 in item condition as 1%. This condition type must appear in PO, and rate cannot be empty. Otherwise, the Freight tab will not appear in the subsequent MIGO screen (I tested and verified!)


3, MIGO to do goods receipt for this purchase order.


Input the PO number,


Click the Enter key,we can see the Freight tab in below screen now.




This Freight tab can display freight condition type and other information, but it does not display the freight rate, nor can it modify the rate maintained in the PO document.


In this tab, we can only modify the freight supplier code, for example, from 100057 to other vendors,


Enter vendor code 100060 in the first text box,


Click the Enter key,





Check the finance document of this material document,



The amount of materials in the purchase order is 1280 EUR; Freight accounts for 1%, so total amount is 12.8. 1280 + 12.8 = 1292.8, which is posted into the inventory account together, that is, freight is also included in the material cost.


By the way I got below useful information from internet.




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