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While recently working on S/4HANA embedded analytics, the embedded BI content delivered in SAP S/4HANA using Fiori applications was quite overwhelming.

SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics is known to be as Concept, Content and Toolset for Operational analytics, Tactical analytics and Real-time simulations with mixed analytical and non- analytical cases.

The below image explains the embedded analytics building blocks

Image Source : Google


Talking about Fiori Analytics, Fiori on S/4HANA has a two-way approach:

  • Predefined standard Fiori apps

  • Framework to create custom Fiori apps

Utilising the pre-built standard Fiori apps demands more of functional expertise. Although there are some Fiori Analytical apps (esp. Fiori Elements apps) which again asks for the expertise of Fiori consultants to be leveraged for analytics

For ease of understanding, we are only considering the ‘Super light’ flavour of BI on SAP S/4HANA and limiting the scope of only Fiori UI being used as a BI front end.

The below diagram shows the overview of the frontend architecture for read-only apps

Image Source : Google

After going through plethora of blogs already published by our benign SAP community, in this section we will try to have a comprehensive picture of Fiori Analytics. I will also attach links of the blogs associated with the topics for better understanding of step by step implementation process.

The below table summarises the free style apps for analytics which are included in embedded analytics officially. It has been classified further based on the scope of work and the role it plays in utilising Fiori as a UI technology, followed by a brief overview for each of the tools mentioned.


Scope Fiori tool Role
Customisation of the Analytical Queries and publishing it as a variant Custom Analytical Queries To design a query from an existing query
Extending Predefined Standard Fiori app Custom Fields and Logic Adding Fields in standard Fiori apps of S/4HANA
Displaying Analytical query results in Fiori Launchpad Design Studio SAPUI5 based reporting application
Smart Business KPIs
Analytical List Report (Report Modeler Framework)
Multi-dimensional Reports Web Dynpro based reporting


Custom Analytical Queries

For this app, all SAP delivered CDS Views which are of the data category “cube” and are released for customer usage can be used as a data source and can be further customised and published as a variant.

Below is the link which takes us directly to the blog having the step by step explanation to create a query in the lucid way possible.



Custom Fields and Logic

Using the Key User Extensibility Tools, it helps the users in not only adding new fields to apps and object, but also for the fields which have already been in the source table.

The below mentioned link to the blog again deep dives into the operational utility for this tool.



Design Studio Template Application and Multi-dimensional Reports

For Query Browser available as a standard design studio template as a part of standard SAP Fiori offering, Multidimensional reports are based on Webdynpro grid application that we have as a template. Both serves the purpose of being a starter pack to Embedded Analytics

The below mentioned link to the blog paints a crystal-clear picture for weighing both the options:



Smart Business KPIs

SAP Smart Business is a framework for exposing strategic (key) and operational performance indicators (KPIs, OPIs) as Fiori applications. It facilitates the Access of OData service exposed by the CDS view via Smart Business Tile in S4HANA system

The below mentioned link to the blog is a quick and crisp detailing on how to create the tile from the get-go



Analytical List Report (Report Modeler Framework)

The analytical list page (ALP) serves the purpose of identifying interesting areas within datasets or significant single instances using data visualization and business intelligence.

Below link to the SAP Fiori Design guidelines gives a nice overview to the app component and also discusses about its usage.



Given the reality of S/4HANA UI/application is a concoction of technologies, this blog post is an ode to all the fantastic blogs already been published which makes utilising the embedded Fiori Analytics, only a step from the end of the pier. I hope the comprehensive list helps!
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