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I know that I must have written this blog long ago when the project finished. Although I started writing I could not finish it somehow .

I decided to finish it when we had chance to represent our project as success story at Teched Barcelona.

In my blog Going to Teched 2016 Barcelona I already mentioned about our first S/4HANA migration project and my boss's (huseyin.bilgen" enables you to explore, plan and implement SAP Fiori, the new user experience for SAP software.

Here is the architecture of the System Landscape for SAP Fiori Apps.


And the FioriLaunchpad and an example screenshot of a fiori app.



As the Second, what were the difficulties?

* Landscape was big enough. HANA DB, HANA Live, Business Suite, SFIN, Fiori are all included in the project.

* The topic was so new as it was the first implementation of SFIN in our country.

  We opened some OSS messages to get help. SCN discussions were not enough.

* Keeping track of all implementations in order was difficult. (Thanks to Onenote helping me about this)

As the Third, what I got from the project as a technical consultant?

* I practiced many topics about HANA

* I will have a chance to goto Teched with this project

* I have been the very first technical guy that implemented SAP Simple Finance in Turkey

* I had an experience of implementing HANA Live and SAP Fiori

* Good feeling of finishing a successful project

And as the final words, the project was successfully implemented as the first implementation of SAP Simple Finance in Turkey.

Customer was happy about the project. Users were happy about the performance of the new UX and new transactions. They are using HANA Live Browser, too.

I hope I will be included more S/4HANA projects in the future.

Thank you for your interests.