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Recently SAP conducted a webinar "SAP S/4HANA 1709 – Sneak Preview". Let us have a quick view on few of the delta scope items expected in this release.

As per the road map, the next release of SAP Enterprise Business Suite, S/4HANA 1709  is on way to be released in September 2017 and the interest is building up for the delta innovations and functionalities coming up.

The 1709 will come with more innovations comparing to the earlier released versions 1511 & 1610. SAP continues with its theme of Principle of ONE and cloud first. Every release will have support for 5 years.

Let us have a quick view on few of the delta scope items expected in this release.


HANA2.0 -   S/4HANA 1709 will be only on HANA2.0 platform and customers on lower version of HANA has to upgrade to HANA2.0.

Transportation Management – After EWM moved from Supply chain execution box in S/4HANA with 1610, SAP continuing the same of consolidation, with S/4HANA 1709, and Transportation Management will also move from supply chain execution box and will be embedded in S/4HANA. Customer whose business has considerable part of business demanding for tracking and tracing of materials internally and in shipping, will be benefitted with both EWM and TM integrated in S/4HANA optimizing their shipping functions and data harmonization.

Catch Weight Management (CWM) – The catch weight management was available with S/4HANA 1610 FPS01. Thought it was based on the earlier IS solution IS-CWM still was not identical. Till now it was available for new implementation only but with S/4HANA 1709 it will be available for conversion also from IS-CWM.

Commodity Management – Bringing functionality of commodity management in S/4HANA 1709 is really a very good move and respite for the customers whose core of the business is with commodity and have been using commodity management, as for them it was clear NO GO to S/4HANA as the business functions for the functionalities were switched off and no functional equivalent were available. S/4HANA 1709 extending pricing to commodity pricing engine enabling the possibility of procurement and sales with formula based commodity pricing engine.

Commercial Project Management – Commercial project management was available as add on, which will now be integral part of S/4HANA 1709.

Finance GRC –Now lean foreign trade functionalities legal control and export classification will be available and also existing intrastate functionality is expected to be released for more countries will definitely help clients who has requirement of lean functionalities and do not want to get to full-fledged GTS.

S/4HANA CRM – Consolidation extends in LOB sales and service with S/4HANA CRM, will come with FPS01 of S/4HANA 1709, The CRM will have functionalities Service request, order confirmation, interaction center along with business partner, pricing & billing. The CRM functionalities will be released with the S/4HANA 1709 FPS01.


Advanced Variant Configuration – Variant configuration is enhanced with Fiori UI configurator, new engine, simulation environment and embedded analytics for the same. New engine will have improved algorithm enabling precise restrictions, negative variant with optimized performance of the end to end functionality.


Few of the industry solutions will also have innovations with S/4HANA 1709.

Automotive which is having vehicles sales & distribution currently will have vehicle search as part of enterprise search, definitely most sought after functionality by OEMs.

Utilities – Fiori apps for meter reading           and billing. Analysis of master and transaction data.

Oil & Gas – In upstream product and revenue accounting (PRA) and upstream operation will have integration. Downstream will have innovations        in supply chain visualization, planning and analytics for Trader’s and scheduler’s workbench and integration of IS oil with commodity management.

Retail – There innovations in the area of retail omnichannel, merchandisement management, settlement management enhanced for wholesale. Also wholesale fashion enabled in S/4HANA 1709.

In addition to above functionalities like Procurement, Quality management, PLM & Hybris billing (FI-CA) will have innovations.

It seems we have to wait for some time to have exact next level details and license information till final release is announced.





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