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In S/4HANA, there are many process improvements and introduction of new features. All new features like Business Partner, Fiori, LTMC, ACDOCA, Account based Costing, etc. have its own benefits and Value Addition. But which is the best or have added the Maximum Value is debatable. This is also subjective, and I decided to write a blog on this based on my experience. You can also provide your inputs and comments to make this blog more helpful and informative. So, lets start this blog.

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Assume you are at client site, and you are questioned which is the best feature of S/4HANA and what/how it will bring value/benefit to our organization. To respond effectively, first you have to make a list of new features of S/4HANA. Then you have to understand each of its feature, and you have to start working on it. For me, below are 3 Features which have added lot of value to consultant, client, and SAP as well.

  • Fiori

  • LTMC


This list may differ in each client/consultant/organization.

Before explaining to client about Value it brings, as consultant first understand its benefits. Below are the benefits for each Feature.


1 Web based Posting in S/4Hana. Easier Processing and uploading data in the system. All fields are at one place. For e.g., Customer, Vendor and Asset field
2 Mobile base application available for Fiori Apps. Recording step is eliminated Faster processing of report
3 Unrestricted access of Fiori apps from your desktops/Laptops/Tablets and Mobiles. No more Consultant dependency to upload data. End user can also use this functionality. Ease in making complex report.
4 Analytical Apps for Mid and Higher Management for better Reporting Functionality can be used through Fiori app Unified Table and data.
5 Very good user interface User friendly navigation. Better control and complete information.
6 Reduced dependency on Infrastructural Set up Ease in filling the templates. Centralized Repository
7 Faster Processing, Faster approval due to reduced dependency on Infrastructure. Reusability BSIS, BSAS, BSID, BSAD, BSIK, BSAK, BSIM table and many more are now obsolete
8 Optimized Solution Minor Training Required Reduced Storage leading to better system Performance.
9 ……Could be many more ……Could be many more ……Could be many more

Value/Benefits it brings to Client

This completely depends on client business and its processes. For this you must map/understand the client business, its requirement, post implementation requirement with S/4 feature and provide the holistic view.

For me, Fiori is on the top amongst other 2. Fiori will be used by everyone in the organization. But let us understand this with some real time scenario.

Mapping 1

  • Status – Implementation complete

  • Custom Reports – Very High

  • Data Migration Post implementation – very High

Conclusion – LTMC, ACDOCA and FIORI will be used at its best.  But still Fiori will have edge.

Mapping 2

  • Status – Implementation complete

  • Custom Reports – Normal

  • Data Migration Post implementation – Normal

Mapping 3

  • Status – Implementation complete

  • Custom Reports – Very High

  • Data Migration Post implementation – Normal

……….and endless mapping.  The criterion of mapping differs from organization to organization, consultant to consultant. You have to arrive at best mix to provide optimum solution which not only create the value to them but also give best cost benefit ratio.

You can also make your own mapping/Scenario and explain client in depth about is Benefits/Value addition.

I hope you like the document.

CA Zunaid Hingora

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