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By now you must have been exposed to Fiori through some of the factors listed below:

a) Some really well written and raving review about how Fiori is the real deal and going to fully replace SAP GUI (not to mention their pic is good looking too, so that means that person is awesome)

b) Some webinar if your company is SAP partner, or you attended some SAP event

c) A whole bunch of sales oriented material about S4/HANA

But have you actually talked to a functional consultant, boots on the ground kind of guy, about the functionality of Fiori in one of the core module SD, MM, FI ( I didnt really test FI).

Here comes' the clicky link bait title....

Things you really need to know about Fiori Apps

There are 3 types of Fiori apps, you can read all about it here SAP Fiori App Types and Database Requirements - SAP Fiori for SAP Business Suite - SAP Library.

I'm just going to simplify things and say there are 2 types of Fiori apps:

a) The 'pure Fiori' apps

b) The 'shortcut to SAPGUI tcodes' apps

Questions: Why do we still need the shortcut to tcodes?

Answers: Because the Fiori app is....too simple and it doesnt have a native Advance mode. You're already using Advance mode all these years. Its called SAPGUI.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

You often find yourself with 2 version of the same app (hopefully side by side).

Questions: Am I going to train user in both the app? That would be pretty hardcore and confusing right?

Answers: Yes its hardcore and confusing. Especially if you have to write documentation about situation where you need to use the simple or advance version.

And the icons on the tile sometimes doesnt make sense at all. You would get words like 'Manage' but its actually pretty damn specific what it can do. Like release approval or assign source. So, why dont use the very specific term? Because unified design?

Alright, thats all for today.

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