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There are many way to find a IMG path to do a configuration. If you will go to search in SCN or Google, you will find many ways to find a IMG path which is under t-code SPRO.

This blog has already described the same How Find Path In SPRO With Tracking Code Transaction along with there are many discussions in SCN where you can find the IMG path for a transaction.

But, do you know that you can get the IMG path easily by pressing F1 on a field which can be configured by IMG path.

Suppose in a field, you can get the field value by pressing F4, you will get all values for the field which has already configured in IMG path. Now you want to create a new value for the field. To create a new value, you need to know the IMG path for this configuration.

You can get the correspond IMG path by pressing F1. Just click on the field and press F1.

As an example, you are creating a material from MM01. In the material group field, you have pressed F4 to select the proper material group but you are not able to find proper material group. Now you need to create the material group which will be assigned to the material. You need to know the IMG path to create material group.

Just go to MM01, press F1 on the field material group. You will be able to see the below screen :

Here, you will find the all details of material group. Here you will find a option as Maintain entry.

Click on that maintain entries as shown as above image.

Then you will find a pop-up for choose customized project. You do not need to enter anything, just pass it by clicking Continue w/o Specifying Project.

Now you can see an another pop-up with IMG guide and IMG activity.

Here you will find all IMG path which is belongs to this field (as here material group). You just need to choose your function as per your requirement.

Now double click on any of these one activity. (as we are going to create a new material group, so we need to choose Define Material Groups)

Now hit on execute button to maintain the entries.

It is not only for material master screen, you can get the details for almost all fields of every section (like as vendor master, Customer Master, Sales order etc etc ) which can be configured from IMG path. For some field you can't able to see the maintain entries option as because they may not be configured through IMG path. Like as in Material master, you will find a tab "Old material number", if you will press F1 on this field, then you will not able to see the Maintain Entries option.

Its because this is a free field and it can't be configured from IMG path.