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Todays blog post is a continuing topic from the previous post. My earlier blog post was on the topic 'Field Service and Repair at On-Site'

This blog post is on the topic of Field Service and Repair at Own Service Center.

When the service order is received from the customer for the repair of the product which must be fulfilled at own service center, In such case location of the service provision will be set to Own Service Center when creating Service Order.

Own Service Center Indicates that the service must be performed at company’s service center.

Process Flow

Figure:01 Process Flow of Field Service and Repair at Own Service Center


Customer Return Notification

Inbound Logistics> New Customer Return Notification> Search by sales order ID which needs to be return> click Next> Maintain mandatory details> Finish.

Figure 02: Customer Return Notification

Select Follow-Up Activity as Repair at Own Service Center. Once you fill all the mandatory fields check for consistency and click next and then Finish. It will create Outbound Delivery and Advised Inbound Delivery Notification Automatically.

Process Inbound Delivery

Inbound Logistics> Inbound Delivery Notification> Search for Advised Inbound Delivery Notification created in the previous document> click Post Goods Receipt> Propose Quantities> Save and Close.

Figure:03 Create Inbound Delivery and Goods Receipt

Create Service Order

Service Order> New Service Order under common task.

Figure:04 New Service Order

Select location of service provision as Own Service Center as shown in Figure:04. Also fill all required and mandatory fields under general tab.


Under Services and Spare Parts add services and spare parts along with quantity and amount that are required to perform service. Also mention whether the service to be fulfilled by internal or external under service planning tab and service performer. Now for this document lets keep it as internal. Save and Release.

I will post third party field service and repair scenario by choosing fulfillment as external in my next blog.

Assign Service Order reference to Customer Return.

Sales Order> Returns> Search by Customer Return ID> Edit> Assign Reference under items tab.

Figure:06 Return

Select the Sales order ID> Click ok> This indicates that the product returned from the customer is under repair> Save and Close.

Figure:07 Return

Release Service Order to Execution

Service Order> Service Order Processing> Search by service order ID created> Click edit> Submit> Release to Service Execution

Figure:08 Release Service Order to Execution

When Service Order is release to execution the status of the Service Order changes to in-process from open. And now the Service Order will be available for the service performer in Order Pipeline of the Field Service and Repair work center in not started status.

Service Confirmation

Field Service and Repair> Order Pipeline> Search by Service Order ID> Click Confirm Execution.

Figure:09 Field Service and Repair Order Pipeline

Once you click Confirm Execution> New Service Confirmation screen will appear> check and adjust the information if needed> Release.

Figure 10: Release Service Confirmation

Request Outbound Delivery

Sales Order> Returns> Search by customer Return ID> Click Edit> Click on Request Outbound Delivery, which initiates the creation of an outbound delivery request for the selected items> save and close.

Figure 11: Request Outbound Delivery

When the service performer confirms the repair of the returned product with service confirmation which then can return back to the customer by requesting outbound delivery.

Process Outbound Delivery

Outbound Logistics> Delivery Proposal> Post Goods Issue> Release.

Figure 12: Outbound Delivery

Customer Invoicing

Customer Invoicing> Invoice Request> Search by Service Confirmation ID> Click Invoice> Release.

Figure 13: Customer Invoicing

I have tried to explain the topic ‘Field Service and Repair(Own-Service-Center)’ in simple terms by replicating the exacts steps. I hope this blog would be helpful for you

Do comment your feedback and thoughts on this blog post in the comment section.

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