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When we started testing Field Logistics in our system, we realized that the 'Pack Containers' app did not work as expected. No deliveries were shown in the app for Packing. We checked all settings for deliveries & found no issues. Later we found the fix (described below) & this is not something that one would expect to check directly.


The purpose of the blog is to share the solution & this is something that anyone planning to use or test Field Logistics should validate as a pre-step.



We observed that there were business features created with Field Logistics at the node below. There are 4 business features available for FL, out of which we only have 3 active in our system. We activated the 4th business feature & our issue was resolved.





Field Logistics Business Features


To summarize, please check for the business feature activation status in your system after the business function is activated.


I am not sure why we had 3 active and one as inactive. If someone has the details, please share with the community in the comments. Please also share your thoughts/feedback in the comments section.

Also, please check the below links for further reading:
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