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We can assign one Wage type more than one GL with PPMOD function based on emp. Grouping.

Basically first we have to group employees based on some factor like in the example given below we have taken presonal area. Now based on Per. Area we can post a wage type to more than one GL's

Ex 1: If we want to post Basic salary wage type to GL X for delhi location and to GL Y for Mumbai location then we have to define grouping and then assign GL based on that grouping.

Ex 2 : If we want to post Basic salary wage type to GL X for Workers category and to GL Y for Staff category, in the same way we will define grouping first and then assign GL with symbolic account.

Here is the configuration document_

For this purpose we need to create employee groups for account determination

As we want to map Symbolic account with more than one GL code on basis of personnel area

So we will create Employee groups based on Personnel Area

Now we will assigned this grouping in PPMOD function

Do not forget to activate it. :smile:

Now say for example if we want to map 2CLB wage type with two different vendor codes based on personnel area

First we need to choose check box for MOMAG, only after that system will consider Emp grouping, which we have declared in last step_

his employee group option will not be visible till we choose check box for employee group in RULES_

Note: This activity will clear the data of symbolic account and GL account assignment, so take a back up first

Note2: We can maintain employee grouping only for those wage types for which we need. Like in the below screen shot only grouping maintained for 2CLB only

V Imp Note: If you are changing FI posting EE grp wise, keep the old entry of without EE grp also.

Otherwise If arrear comes system will not find the old entry and through error

thats it..:)


Gaurav Sharma

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