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FERT Generator (A Function specific to IS-AFS)

What it is ?

          The FERT generator is based on the variant configuration function in the standard R/3 system. The function of the FERT generator during the configuration of a material is to create storable, finished products with their own master records, instead of pure material variants. You can then use them as normal finished products, for example, in sales orders or inventory management.

How do we do?

          To create finished products you must enter a Reference Material in the system. From this, the system copies the material master data. The reference material must have the same base unit of measure and master grid as the Configurable Material.

These are the ways to call this function:

  • You can call the FERT generator directly when creating or changing a sales order. 
  • You can call the FERT generator manually from the SAP application menu under Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> AFS Variant Configuration -> Call FERT Generator.
  • Using a T-Code : /N/AFS/FGEN

  How it Works?   

As soon as you have valuated a material using the configuration, the system checks whether there is already a finished product for this valuation. If not, the system automatically calls the FERT generator. The FERT generator creates the finished product. The following are assigned to the finished product:

  • The master data of the reference material
  • The characteristics you selected during the characteristic valuation

At the same time the FERT generator assigns the new finished product to the maximum bill of material and the maximum routing of the configurable material.

If you called the FERT generator directly when creating or changing a sales order, the system subsequently replaces the configurable material with the finished product you created using the FERT generator.

Steps in FERT Generation:

During order creation a configurable material “KMAT” is entered which triggers the FERT Generator.

The User has to make the specifications for the various characteristics of the material.

If there is no variant with the same set of specifications, exists in the material master, a new material master will be created.

The new material replaces the KMAT and SO creation can proceed normally.

User Exits :

User Exit J_4AVFGN

As part of the FERT generator functions, the AFS System provides a user exit J_4AVFGN. You can use it to meet the requirements of your specific business processes. The system executes the user exit after the FERT generator has created the new finished product and assigned it the configured BOM and routing.


When creating the new finished product via the FERT generator, the system cannot copy price conditions from the reference material or the configurable material.

There are two ways of having the system automatically create price conditions for the new finished product, however:

·         You can use user exit J_4AVFGN to create your own condition records for your new finished products.

·         You can store a price material for the reference material in the master data view of the sales org 2. When copying the master data of the reference material to the new finished product, the system can also copy this price material. If you created conditions for this price material, the new finished material gets the same conditions.

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