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In my last blog - Feature LGMST - Planned payment specification, I emphasized the importance of LGMST feature. I found one interesting comment from Rémi Corriveau’s asking me to provide details to add missing “Decision Criteria” to this feature. Since his suggestion was pretty generic (which is applicable to all features), I decided to put down the related information as a separate blog (rather than editing the existing one).


The list of decision criteria can usually be found for any feature using the below navigation path – PE03 Transaction - “Attributes” – “Struct”.

In case of LGMST feature, we can see the below list of decision fields already defined. But these fields that are defined here are not the final set of fields. If your requirement demands, you may add in the missing fields that exist in structure but not in this final list of decision criteria fields.

Adding additional decision criteria

The final set of decision criteria/valid fields for decision can be found from the structure. You may find this structure details by navigating through “Attributes” – “Struct” – “Structure name for decision fields”. You could view the actual structure definition (in this case it’s PME07 for LGMST feature) from SE11 transaction–

At times, not all structure fields may be directly available in the Feature’s field list i.e. in this case, the fields - INFTY and LGART are not there in list of decision criteria for my feature-LGMST. In such cases, you can add these fields by following steps –

1. Type in the feature name in PE03 transaction homepage and select the “Attributes” option and click on “Change” button –

2. Click on “Stuct” button to navigate to the next screen –

3. You can now add the missing fields to the final list of decision fields that allows us to define conditions based on these new fields. It’s not just adding new decision criteria, if you don’t want any of the existing decision criteria, you many deselect them to have them not displayed as “Decision Criteria” anymore in the feature decision tree(I would suggest users to do this activity [i.e. removing decision criteria] very carefully).

4. Activate your feature and making the changes.

In this case, I have added INFTY field to the list of Decision criteria which gets displayed in the actual feature definition.

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