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Hi Friends,

This blog covers the FBZP template. This can be used for requirement gathering for FBZP configuration. This can be shared to client with Sample data. This template covers important fields required to configure FBZP. You can adapt this for your own requirement.

Disclaimer - This template have all standard field with sample data. No client data has been shared or used or compromised. This blog is intended to ease the task of our community members, specially Freshers. 

Bank Key - FI01

Bank CountryBank Key Bank Name Region Street City Bank Branch SWIFT/BIC Bank group  Bank Number
IN 013349218State Bank Of India Dudhia TalavaNavsari SBI001   013349218

House Bank - FI12

1. Company code and House Bank ID2. Bank Key Data 3. EDI partner profiles 4. Data medium exchange         
*Company code*House Bank ID*Bank country*Bank keyTelephone 1Contact PersonEDI Partner NumberCust Postng Doc. TypeAlternative Bank IDBank receiving DMECustomer NumberCompany numberBank NumberAccount NumberControl KeyISO Currency codeInstruction KeyLead Days

Bank Account - FI12

*Company code*House Bank*Account ID*Description*Bank acount numberBank Control KeyAlternative account numberG/L AccountCurrencyDiscount AccountAddressBank nameregionstreetcityBranch officeSWIFT CodeBank number
1100SBIIIND10SBI India123922739489 013349218 11001190IND  State Bank of IndiaINPatkar StreetMumbaiFORT BranchSBI0002 013349218

All Company Codes - FBZP

*Company codeSending company codePaying company codeUsage of Payment Method SupplementsTolerance Days for PayableVendor: Sp. G/L Transactions to Be PaidCustomers: Sp. G/L Transactions to Be Paid
110011001100 0FAFPJ

Paying Company code

Paying company codeMinimum Amount for Incoming PaymentMinimum Amount for Outgoing PaymentSeparate Payment for Each Payment ReferenceForm for the Payment Advice



PM Country

Country/Region KeyDocument type for PaymentClearing document typePayment MethodPayment Medium (PMW Format tree / Custom program to define)
INKZZK0 - Wire Transfer International 

Payment Method Company Code

Paying company code Payment methodMinimum amountmaximum amountdistribution
11000 - Wire Transfer International1999.999.999,000

Bank Determination

Bank accountsRanking OrderBank AccountsBank Accounts (Enhanced)Available Amounts Value DateExpenses/Charges
Paying company codePayment MethodCurrencyRanking OrderHouse BankHouse BankPayment MethodCurrencyAccount IDBank Sub AccountHouse BankPayment MethodCurrencyRanking orderAccount IDSub AccountHouse BankAccount IDDaysCurrencyAvailable Outgoing amountPayment MethodHouse BankAccount IDAmount LimitCurrencyDays to Value dateCharges IndAmount limitCurrencyCharges
11000 - Wire Transfer InternationalIND1SBII  INR 11001191      SBIIIND100INR999.999.999,00          

I hope you liked this document.

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