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In the Maintenance planner, The Add-on Product “S/4 HANA SOL SALES CONFIG 1907” added to

the NW 7.5 Java stack as shown below


As shown above, The Add-On Product  name is “S/4 HANA SOL SALES CONFIG 1907”   where

SOL means Solution.


The product has three components viz:




Issue : Component “FBS_SOLCONF_SME” is not present in the NW Java system (i.e. not

reflected in the NW Java system)



After the successful Add-On Installation by SUM tool, the first two components i.e.

“FBS_SOLCONF_IPC” and “FBS_SOLCONF_SHRAPP” were reflected in the

Java System Information: Component Info (nwa) as shown below



Thus  first two components of Add-ON  were installed and present in the NW Java system

However, third component “FBS_SOLCONF_SME” is not present in the NW Java system (i.e. not

reflected in the NW Java system) as shown  above screenshot. This is because SUM tool import

only SCA or SDA file(s) for NW Java stack. SUM tool cannot import ZIP file.


Installation of this ZIP file “FBS_SOLCONF_SME” component is done using eclipse tool (available

only in windows host ).


Only consulting team is responsible for installing FBS_SOLCONF_SME component” .

This is because, during installation using eclipse tool, it asked  to enter some  input values (which

are related to Business configuration) .


The installation procedure using eclipse tool is described  in the given link below for your information.



Propose Solution:

You can uncheck the component “FBS_SOLCONF_SME”   in the Maintenance Planner as shown



Thirdly the Add-on product was developed by Third Party SAP vendor (not SAP SE) as shown the

screenshot below (See the column “Location”)




A Prasad Rao

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