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Creating manual purchase orders in SAP Business ByDesign is very time-consuming when there are multiple line items. The reason for this is that information at item level has to be entered repeatedly, even if it is identical. This is a situation that many of our customers have complained about. To improve this situation, IBIS Business Consulting has developed an Addon for this scenario. Our customers' suggestions were taken into account during development.

Compared to the ByD standard, there are the following advantages:

  • Less data entry effort, because for similar items in a purchase order, identical information such as process type, delivery location or account assignment only has to be entered once per purchase order.

  • A simplified and improved file upload compared to the standard. In the file only the information product number and quantity must be filled obligatorily (the purchase price can be given optionally).

  • The number of order items is not limited to 30 items as in the standard upload file.

  • An additional view in the purchase order for processing and the optional upload, which fits seamlessly into the standard work center "Purchase requisitions and purchase orders".

The Addon results in the following process when creating manual purchase orders:


Step 1: Create the order


Optional Step 2: Import order items


Step 3: Specify the details for all items (supported process types are stock procurement, non-stock procurement and drop shipment)


Step 4: After the capture is complete, the positions will then be transferred to the "Positions" standard tab


In the process, steps 2 to 4 can be performed several times.


Here is an overview of the "Fast entry" view additionally provided by the addon:


With the addon described here, companies that do not want to or cannot use the MRP run to generate orders have a new convenient option at their disposal. In sectors that use customer projects to plan the provision of services, the add-on has proved particularly useful. Here, project-related order lists can be quickly created as Business ByDesign orders, assigned to the correct project tasks with just a few clicks and then sent to the supplier.



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