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Business scenario :

While working with globalization concept in SAP EAM, it so happens that multiple plants are being served by single planning plant. Maintenance planner work in different timezone. In such cases it is required to have time zone functionality active for your system.

System time zone : Time zone which is application for a client. STZAC is the transaction where you can change system time zone. It is not at all advised to change this time zone as it takes effect across the client.

User Time zone : This is defined for a user in SU01 OR SU3 in Personal time zone under Default tab.

How does SAP system determines objects Time zone ?

Please refer below link for system behavior on determination of time zone for objects in SAP e.g. Notification/Work Order.

Determination of an Object's Time Zone - Time Zones (BC-SRV-TIM) - SAP Library

EAM Specific Behavior while working in Different Time zones without activation of Time zone functionality.

Even if you maintain your user time zone in SU3, system will fetch client level time zone in following cases.

System behavior when you update personal time zone. Log off & Login.

Create Notification - personal time zone will reflect on notification reference time, malfunction start time etc. After creation if you check administrator data, you will see creation time in system time zone settings. But action log will be with reference to system time zone.

Create Order - Same as above. When you do TECO, pop-up for confirmation will have reference time as per your system time zone. Action log is with reference to system time zone.

Create confirmation -  confirmation dates & time will be referring system time zone.

Measuring document - creation date & time will be referring to System time zone.


In order to overcome, we need to activate LOG_EAM_TZS_1 business function. You can get more information about this on below link.

Enterprise Asset Management: Time Zone Support - Business Functions (SAP Enhancement Package 4 for S...

Activating business function LOG_EAM_TZS_1

1) When you activate this business function, a background job SFW_ACTIVATE_SF0X  will be started.

2) Once background job is finished, you need to go to following configuration path to activate time zones.

Plant Maintenance and Customer Service - Maintenance and Service Processing - Basic Settings - Activate Time Zone Support for Application Areas

3) Once your settings are maintained, you can check Notification, work order, measuring documents, order confirmation transactions. You will observe following changes.

On transaction screens, you will find a button activated for Time zones as shown in below image.

If you click on Button highlighted in above screen, You will get following screen.

On above screen you can see different time zones.

Personal Time zone - Its default picking up from SU3 settings.

Reference time zone - Its a time zone which will be valid for the transaction that you are going to process. IF you are creating a breakdown notification for a plant which falls under different time zone ( e.g. UTC-2).

Session time zone : Same as above, but only difference is this time zone is valid for full session ( from login to Logoff)

Reference time zone = Personal time zone If session time zone is not maintained.

System Behavior after activation

Notification & Order - User time zone settings will be reflected. Except action log. But if you check administrative data, you will see creation time referring to user time zone from SU3.

Order TECO pop-up - Here reference time will according to User time zone. ( My user time zone is UTC- 5 & system time zone is UTC+8)

Time confirmation - According to user time zone

Measuring document - according to user time zone.

All action logs & Change documents will be still referring to System time zone only.

Please refer Time Zone Support - Measuring Points and Counters (CS-IB-MC / PM-EQM-SF-MPC) - SAP Library for functions which are not supported by Time zone business functions


Best Regards,

Amol Khairnar

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