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FAQ: In my experience i have answered this question so many people. So am writing this document

Question: Am new to SAP B1 What i want to learn

Answer for Functional Consultant:

  1. Business Process
  2. Formatted Search
  3. SQL Query Report
  4. Crystal Reports
  5. Stored Procedure
  6. Preparing Documentation
  7. Good Communication

Note: This 7 points will help you to get good position in SAP B1 field.

Detailed Explanation :

  1. Business Process:


      1. Import purchase process
      2. Local purchase process
      3. Fixed asset purchase process
      4. Subcontract purchase
      5. Service purchase
      6. Non stock item purchase like , paper, pen, tissue cloth etc...
      7. Quality process
      8. Refer this link for more details: How to Implement SAP Business One projects successfully



      1. Stock Revaluation
      2. Stock Taking
      3. Purchase return
      4. Sales return
      5. Returnable Gate Pass "Configure GRPO-QC and Returnable Gate pass using - Inventory Transfer Ctrl + Tab in ITEMCODE field"



      1. Production planning like , Daily, Monthly or based on sales order etc...
      2. Set multilevel BOM
      3. Stage wise production
      4. Send one process for subcontract
      5. WIP process
      6. Quality process for each stage.
      7. Re-process
      8. Handle Scrap in each production stage.
      9. Maintenance
      10. Refer this link for more details: How to Implement Production in Default SAP Business one



      1. Export Sales
      2. Local Sales
      3. Consignment Sales
      4. AS IS sales (You will buy sales with same tax value based on selected batch- This scenario related to INDIAN localization)
      5. Service Sales (In this case you will act as sub-contract for other business partner)
      6. Drop ship Sales (In this case stock will not come to factory it will be sale in transit)
      7. Production Scrap sales



      1. Reconciliation
      2. BRS
      3. SAP Account flow of all the documents like , Goods Receipt PO , A/P invoice etc..
      4. Char of account drawers like, What are all P&L drawers and what are all Balance sheet drawers etc..
      5. What is Cost of good sold
      6. Valuation method like FIFO , Moving average and Standard
      7. In which situation we have to use Set G/L method by Item group or by Warehouse
      8. What is the use of Trail balance, P & L, Balance Sheet
      9. Year end process
      10. What are all the stationary reports based on your project localization.
      11. Fixed asset setup : Fixed Asset SAP Business One 9.0 Configuration

  2. Formatted Search

      1. You need basic knowledge of SQL to write this.
      2. Get one field value to other field
      3. How add two field and put a value in other field
      4. How to deal with Quantity and price field, for example you have use ".Number" keyword

     3. SQL Query Report

      1. What is header table(OPOR) and row table (POR1)
      2. What is object types
      3. What is docentry
      4. Refer this link for more details: Database design in SAP Business One

     4. Crystal Reports

      1. PLD in crystal report
      2. Normal reports
      3. Cross tab report
      4. Formula field
      5. Report using SQL quries

    5. Stored Procedure

      1. You need basic knowledge of SQL to write a stored procedure.
      2. What is Object type and Trans Type
      3. What is the use of @List_of_key_cols_tab_del and @List_of_cols_val_tab_del
      4. Same object type should not contain more that one time. (you have to use only if and else if)

     6. Preparing Documentation

      1. How to prepare AS IS and TO BE document
      2. Help document
      3. Technical document for addon.

    7. Good Communication              

      1. Communication is more import bcz we have to conduct meeting with top level people
      2. We have to be very careful what we are giving commitment to customer, if you say yes for not possible things then you will be in trouble of completing that.
      3. How to send a daily project status mail
      4. How to train end user (bcz you have to face educated and un-educated person and then you have train some times who didn't used the computer in his life.)

Any questions or if anyone has any tips for me please post below.

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