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How to find tables in SAP:

  1. Select the required field
  2. Press F1 for help
  3. Press F9 for technical information
  4. Double-click on the data element field
  5. Double-click on the domain field (provided it isn't something like CHAR1, otherwise go to step 6)
  6. Select the where-used button (button with little yellow square with 3 arrows radiating)
  7. Select indirect application from the pop-up box
  8. Double-click on the database tables line in the next pop-up box
  9. You should now have a list of all DB tables where that field is used (this should work in about 90% of cases)


  1. Run TCode ST05 (performance analysis)
  2. Press <activate trace> button
  3. Enter the transaction you want to use (e.g. /NIW32) in the command code box
  4. Enter an order number in the Order sub-screen
  5. Execute, or F8
  6. Enter /NST05 in the command code box
  7. Press the <deactivate trace> button
  8. Press the <display trace> button
  9. Review tables

Here is a list of PM/CS tables:

AD01C_ATTRDIP profile: CharacteristicsResource Related Billing
AD01C_CHKDIP profile: Check functionResource Related Billing
AD01C_CHKTDIP profile: Check function textsResource Related Billing
AD01C_CTApportionment reasonResource Related Billing
AD01C_CTTApportionment reason textResource Related Billing
AD01C_MATDIP profile: Material determinationResource Related Billing
AD01C_MATADIP profile: Material determination criteriaResource Related Billing
AD01C_PROFDIP profile: UsageResource Related Billing
AD01C_PRTXDIP profile: TextsResource Related Billing
AD01C_SELDIP profile: SourcesResource Related Billing
AD01C_SELADIP profile: Selection criteriaResource Related Billing
AD01DLIDynamic items (DI)Resource Related Billing
AD01DLIEFDI flow: Individual flowResource Related Billing
AD01DLISFDI Flow: Totals FlowResource Related Billing
AD01FILTVARFilter VariantsResource Related Billing
AD01SETTCHDIP: Saved settings for user 1Resource Related Billing
AD01SETTMODIP: Saved settings for user 2Resource Related Billing
AD01SRCDIP: SourcesResource Related Billing
AD01SRCARCResidence Time for DIP SourcesResource Related Billing
AD01SRCTABDIP: Source <-> TableResource Related Billing
AD01SRCTXTDIP: Source TextsResource Related Billing
AFABNetwork - RelationshipsOrders
AFFHPRT assignment data for the work orderOrders
AFFLWork order sequenceOrders
AFFWGoods Movements with Errors from ConfirmationsConfirmations
AFFWPROLog of deleted AFFW entriesConfirmations
AFIHMaintenance order headerOrders
AFKOOrder header data PP ordersOrders
AFPOOrder itemOrders
AFRCIncorrect cost calculations from confirmationsConfirmations
AFRDDefault values for collective confirmationConfirmations
AFRHHeader information for confirmation poolConfirmations
AFRH_DELBackup Copy of Header Information for Confirmation PoolConfirmations
AFRP0Table of planned changes for confirmation (PDC)Confirmations
AFRP1Table of planned changes to conf.: Automatic goods receiptConfirmations
AFRP2Table of planned changes for confirmation: BackflushingConfirmations
AFRP3Table of planned changes for confirmation: Calc.actual costsConfirmations
AFRP4Table of planned changes to confirmatn: Data transfer to HRConfirmations
AFRUOrder ConfirmationsConfirmations
AFRUHROrder Confirmations for HRConfirmations
AFRVConfirmation poolConfirmations
AFRV_DELBackup Copy for Confirmation PoolConfirmations
AFSPOPRSplit Operations in an Order SplitOrders
AFSPRELRelation Between Orders in an Order SplitOrders
AFVCOperation within an orderOrders
AFVUDB structure of the user fields of the operationOrders
AFVVDB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operationOrders
AFWISubsequently posted goods movements for confirmationsConfirmations
ARC_PM_OBJLISTCustomizing for Archiving of Serial Number Object ListsTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
ARC_PM_OBJLIST_TCustomizing Texts for Archiving of Serial Number HistoryTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
ASMDTService Short TextsService
AUFKOrder master dataOrders
AUFMGoods movements for orderOrders
BGMKMaster Warranty HeaderWarranty
BGMKOBJMaster Warranty - Object AssignmentWarranty
BGMPMaster Warranty ItemWarranty
BGMSMaster Warranty Text ItemWarranty
BGMTMaster Warranty TextWarranty
BGMZWarranty CounterWarranty
CCRHDWork Center HeaderWork Centres
COBRASettlement Rule for Order SettlementSettlement, Orders
COBRBDistribution Rules Settlement Rule Order SettlementSettlement, Orders
COMPPRTOCM: Comparison result, individual record for PRTsPRT
CORUUSRUser Settings for ConfirmationConfirmations
CRCAWork Center Capacity AllocationWork Centres
CRCOAssignment of Work Center to Cost CenterWork Centres
CRFHCIM production resource/tool master dataWork Centres
CRHDWork Center HeaderWork Centres
CRHHHierarchy Header DataWork Centres
CRHSHierarchy StructureWork Centres
CRIDCIM Resource - EntitiesWork Centres
CRTXText for the Work Center or Production Resource/ToolWork Centres
CRVD_ALink of PRT to DocumentPRT
CRVD_BLink of Document to PRTPRT
CRVE_AAssignment PRT data - equipmentTechnical Objects, Equipment, PRT
CRVE_BAssignment equipment - PRT dataTechnical Objects, Equipment, PRT
CRVM_ALink of PRT data to a materialPRT
CRVM_BLink of material to a production resource/toolPRT
CRVS_ARelationship of PRT internal number to PRT external numberPRT
CRVS_BRelationship of PRT external number to PRT internal numberPRT
DOSTDocument to BOM LinkTechnical Object, BOM
DPBP_PROFDIP Profile: Profile Header EnhancementResource Related Billing
DPPROFHDIP profile: HeaderResource Related Billing
EAPLAllocation of task lists to pieces of equipmentTask List, Technical Objects
EBIICO/SD document flow: billed portions of expense itemsResource Related Billing
EQBSSerial Number Stock SegmentTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
EQKTEquipment Short TextsTechnical Objects, Equipment
EQSESerial Number RecordsTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
EQSTEquipment to BOM LinkTechnical Objects, Equipment, BOM
EQUIEquipment master dataTechnical Objects, Equipment
EQUZEquipment time segmentTechnical Objects, Equipment
ESKLAccount Assignment Specification: Service LineServices
ESKNAccount Assignment in Service PackageServices
ESLAService Type EditionsServices
ESLBService Type Header of Standard Service CatalogServices
ESLHService Package Header DataServices
ESLLLines of Service PackageServices
ESLPService ItemServices
ESLTService Item Short TextsServices
ESLZService Type LinesServices
ESSRService Entry Sheet Header DataServices
ESSTService Item Short TextsServices
ESUCExt. Services Management: Unplanned Limits on Contract ItemServices
ESUHExt. Services Management: Unpl. Service Limits: Header DataServices
ESUPExt. Services Management: Unpl. Limits on Service PackageServices
ESUSServices Management: Unplanned Limits on Service TypesServices
HIKOOrder master data historyOrders
HIMAPM order history - materialsOrders
HIVGPM order history - operationsOrders
HUINV_SERNRHandling Unit Phys. Inv. Doc. - Serial Numbers for ItemTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
HUMSEG_SERSerial Numbers for the HUMSEG TableTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
IBBINDINGIB: Relationship Table Between IBase Event and MethodInstalled Base, Classification
IBDUPostprocessing of PM/SM ObjectsInstalled Base, Classification, Notifications
IBEXTINSTIB: Instance Number for External DisplayInstalled Base, Classification
IBIBIB: Installed Base/IBaseInstalled Base, Classification
IBIBOBSIB: IBase observerInstalled Base, Classification
IBIBTIB: Installed base short textsInstalled Base, Classification
IBINIB: Component/instanceInstalled Base, Classification
IBINCMIB: Config.Mang.: Component/InstanceInstalled Base, Classification
IBINDOMAINSIB: Redundant design object <Char. domains for instance>Installed Base, Classification
IBINOBSIB: Observer of an IBase instanceInstalled Base, Classification
IBINOWNIB: Owner of an IBase instanceInstalled Base, Classification
IBINST_OBJIB: Selection Statistics for IBIN over OBJNRInstalled Base, Classification
IBINTIB: Component short textsInstalled Base, Classification
IBINVALST_SYMIB: Selection Statistics for IBINVALUES over SYMBOL_IDInstalled Base, Classification
IBINVALUESIB: Characteristic values and restrictions for instanceInstalled Base, Classification
IBSPIB: SpecializationInstalled Base, Classification
IBSPCMIB: Config.Mang.: SpecializationInstalled Base, Classification
IBSSI_RFCDESTRFC Destination for Calls PlugIn => IBS-SI SystemInstalled Base, Classification
IBSTIB: StructureInstalled Base, Classification
IBSTCMIB: Conf.Mang.:StructureInstalled Base, Classification
IBSTREFIB: Reference to master data structureInstalled Base, Classification
IBSYMBOLIB: SymbolInstalled Base, Classification
IE4N_CGPGeneral IE4N Settings for Installation/RemovalTechnical Objects, Equipment
IE4N_USPDefinition of User-Specific SettingsTechnical Objects, Equipment
IE4N_USPIDefinition of User-Specific Settings: InstallationTechnical Objects, Equipment
IE4N_USPRDefinition of User-Specific Settings: RemovalTechnical Objects, Equipment
IFLOALTLabeling Systems for Functional LocationsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
IFLOALT_TLabeling Systems for Functional Locations: Short TextsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
IFLOCUSTSystem-Specific SettingsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
IFLOCUSTASystem-Specific Settings (Permitted Labeling Systems)Technical Objects, Functional Location
IFLOSFunctional Location LabelsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
IFLOS_VSFunctional Location Labels (Version Table)Technical Objects, Functional Location
IFLOTFunctional Location (Table)Technical Objects, Functional Location
IFLOT_VSFunctional Location (Version Table)Technical Objects, Functional Location
IFLOTXFunctional Location: Short TextsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
IFLOTX_VSFunctional Location Data Fields: Short Texts (Version Table)Technical Objects, Functional Location
IFLOUSRUser Profile for Labeling Functional LocationsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
IHGNSPermit Segment for Plant MaintenanceTechnical Objects, Permits
IHPAPlant Maintenance: PartnersTechnical Objects, Partners
IHSGObject-Related Permits in Plant MaintenanceTechnical Objects, Permits
ILOAPM Object Location and Account AssignmentTechnical Objects, Functional Location
ILOA_VSLocation & Account Assignment for PM Object (Version Table)Technical Objects, Functional Location
IMCEFLIM Summarization: Functional locationsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
IMCEFLTIM Summarization: Texts for functional locationsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
IMELEntry List for Measurement DocumentsMeasurements
IMEPItems in the Entry ListMeasurements
IMPHMeasurement and Counter Reading Transmission HistoryMeasurements
IMPTTMeasuring Point (Table)Measurements
IMRCCUSTSystem Settings for Measuring Points and Measurement DocsMeasurements
IMRGMeasurement DocumentMeasurements
IMTRTermination of MeasRead. Data Transfer to Measuring PointsMeasurements
INETObject networkingObject networks
INETXLanguage-dependent texts for INETObject networks
INHBTermination of Data Transfer to Technical ObjectsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
INHB_MP_TRANSMeas. Pt: TRANS - Post Logic for Transferring Meas. ValsMeasurements
IRLOTReference Functional Location (Table)Technical Objects, Functional Location
IRLOTXReference Functional Location: Short TextsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
ITOBCUSTSystem Settings for Alternative Labeling of FunctLocationsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
KAKOCapacity Header SegmentWork Centres
KAKTCapacity DescriptionWork Centres
KAPAShift Parameters for Available CapacityWork Centres
KAZYInterval of Available CapacityWork Centres
KBEDCapacity Requirements RecordsCapacity Planning
MAPLAssignment of Task Lists to MaterialsMaterial, Task List
MASELast Serial Number for MaterialTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
MASTMaterial to BOM LinkTechnical Object, BOM
MHIOCall Object from Maintenance OrderMaintenance Plans
MHISMaintenance plan historyMaintenance Plans
MMPTCycle definitions and MeasPoints for MaintPlanMaintenance Plans
MMPXMaintenance cycle short textsMaintenance Plans
MPLAMaintenance planMaintenance Plans
MPOSMaintenance itemMaintenance Plans
OBJHObject: HeaderTechnical Objects
OBJKPlant Maintenance Object ListTechnical Objects
OPROLAVO Link to Object List EntryNotifications
PLASTask list - selection of operations/activitiesTask List
PLFHTask list - production resources/toolsTask List
PLFLTask list - sequencesTask List
PLFTProcess InstructionsTask List
PLFVPI Characteristics/Sub-Operation Parameter ValuesTask List
PLKOTask list - headerTask List
PLKZTask list: main headerTask List
PLLPOTask list - operation/activityTask List
PLMZAllocation of bill of material items to operationsTask List
PLPHCAPP: Sub-operationsTask List
PLPOTask list - operation/activityTask List
PLWPAllocation of maintenance packages to task list operationsTask Lists
PMCOCost structure of maintenance orderOrders
PMCO1Cost profile: Value category proposalOrders
PMCO3Plan version: Estimated costs for maintenance ordersOrders
PMCOQTQuantity structure for the maintenance orderOrders
PMFLAGSFlags if certain conversions have been runOrders
PMPLPM: Print logPM/CS Printing
PMSDOPM organizational data for SD documentsNotifications
QMELQuality NotificationNotifications
QMEL_EXTEnhancement Table for MessageNotifications
QMFEQuality notification - itemsNotifications
QMIHQuality message - maintenance data excerptNotifications
QMMAQuality notification - activitiesNotifications
QMSMQuality notification - tasksNotifications
QMURQuality notification - causesNotifications
RESBMaterial reservationsOrders
S024Totals Records for Work CenterWork Centres
SER00General Header Table for Serial Number ManagementTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
SER01Document Header for Serial Numbers for DeliveryTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
SER02Document Header for Serial Nos for Maint.Contract (SD Order)Technical Objects, Serial Numbers
SER03Document Header for Serial Numbers for Goods MovementsTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
SER04Document Header for Serial Numbers for Inspection LotTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
SER05Document Header for Serial Numbers for PP OrderTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
SER06Document Header for Serial Numbers for Handling Unit-ContentTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
SER07Document Header for Serial Numbers in Physical InventoryTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
SER08Document Header for Purchase Order Item Serial NumbersTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
SERBLPlant Maintenance Object ListTechnical Objects
SERISerial NumbersTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
SMZB_BINRELObject Relationship Service: Generic Binary LinksNotifications
STASBOMs - Item SelectionTechnical Object, BOM
STKOBOM HeaderTechnical Object, BOM
STPOBOM itemTechnical Object, BOM
STPUBOM SubitemTechnical Object, BOM
STZUPermanent BOM dataTechnical Object, BOM
T003OOrder TypesOrders
T003POrder Type DescriptionsOrders
T024CPlanner Group for CAPPCapacity Planning
T024IMaintenance planner groupsOrders, Notifications
T350Maintenance Control Parameters: Client/Order TypeOrders
T350EAccess sequence addresses for address proposal purch. dataOrders
T350ICombination of order type and PM activity type allowedOrders
T350WMaintenance control parameters: Order type plantOrders
T351Maintenance strategyMaintenance Plans
T351PMaintenance packagesMaintenance Plans
T351TMaintenance strategy textsMaintenance Plans
T351XMaintenance strategy package textsMaintenance Plans
T352BTechnical reportOrders, Notifications
T352B_TCatalog profile textsNotifications
T352CCatalog types for each catalog profileNotifications, Catalogs
T352RMaintenance revisionsOrders
T352TPermit CategoriesTechnical Objects, Permits
T352T_TText for Permit CategoriesTechnical Objects, Permits
T353IMaintenance activity typesOrders
T353I_TMaintenance activity type descriptionOrders
T355EResponse time monitorNotifications
T355E_TResponse profile textNotifications
T355E_WResponse timesNotifications
T355RService windowNotifications
T355R_TService window textNotifications
T355R_WService windowNotifications
T356PrioritiesOrders, Notifications
T356_TPriority textNotifications
T356APriority type tableNotifications
T356A_TPriority type textsNotifications
T357Plant SectionTechnical Objects
T357AEffect of malfunction on the systemNotifications
T357A_TTexts for effect of malfunction on the systemNotifications
T357GPermitsTechnical Objects, Permits
T357G_GRPM: Permit groupsTechnical Objects, Permits
T357G_TPermits textsTechnical Objects, Permits
T357MMachine operating conditionNotifications
T357M_TOperating condition textsOrders
T357ZOverall condition of technical systemNotifications
T357Z_TSystem condition - Text tableNotifications
T365Initial values for PM notification transactionsNotifications
T365AStart values for notification transactions - CustomizingNotifications
T370Start Values for PM Master Data TransactionsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
T370AActivity Category for PM ListsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
T370BTechnical object authorization groupTechnical Objects
T370B_TLanguage-dependent texts for authorization groupTechnical Objects
T370CABC indicator for technical objectsTechnical Objects
T370C_TLanguage-dependent texts for ABC indicatorTechnical Objects
T370FFunctional Location CategoryTechnical Objects, Functional Location
T370F_TLanguage-Dependent Texts for T370FTechnical Objects, Functional Location
T370KType of technical objectTechnical Objects
T370K_TLanguage-Dependent Texts for Object TypeTechnical Objects
T370NObject link categoryOrders
T370N_TLanguage dependent texts for T370NOrders
T370OObject Categories Allowed for MeasPoints and MeasDocumentsMeasurements
T370PMeasuring Point CategoryMeasurements
T370P_TLanguage-Dependent Texts for T370PMeasurements
T370RReference Functional Location CategoryTechnical Objects, Functional Location
T370R_TLanguage-Dependent Texts for T370RTechnical Objects, Functional Location
T370SFunctional Location Structure IndicatorsTechnical Objects, Functional Location
T370S_TLanguage-Dependent Texts for T370STechnical Objects, Functional Location
T370TEquipment categoriesTechnical Objects, Equipment
T370ULanguage-dependent texts for T370TTechnical Objects, Equipment
T370ZHistory-related fieldsTechnical Objects
T371AIB: Installed Base CategoryInstalled Base, Classification
T371A_TIB: Text table for T371AInstalled Base, Classification
T371BIB: Views for database accessInstalled Base, Classification
T371CIBase Authorization GroupInstalled Base, Classification
T371C_TIB: Text Tables for T371CInstalled Base, Classification
T371DIB: Component Reservation Object TypeInstalled Base, Classification
T371FIB: Object Types for User (Owner/Observer)Installed Base, Classification
T371F_TIB: Text Tables for T371FInstalled Base, Classification
T371GIB: Object types for structure referencesInstalled Base, Classification
T371G_TIB: Text Tables for T371GInstalled Base, Classification
T371IIB: Classes for Installation RulesInstalled Base, Classification
T372INetwork identificationObject networks
T372I_TLanguage-dependent texts for network IDObject networks
T372MMediumObject networks
T372M_TLanguage-dependent texts for link medium (T372)MObject networks
T377Criteria for Material Serial Number ManagementTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
T377GCriteria for Serial Number Management (Group)Technical Objects, Serial Numbers
T377PSerial Number Management ProfilesTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
T377P_TTexts for Serial Number Management ProfilesTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
T377XDocuments Allowed for Serial Number ManagementTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
T377X_TTexts for Serial Number Management DocumentsTechnical Objects, Serial Numbers
T390PM: Shop papers for print controlPM/CS Printing
T390_OPM: Shop paper control by order typePM/CS Printing
T390_OTDescription of shop papers per document type selectionPM/CS Printing
T390_TPM: Shop paper descriptionPM/CS Printing
T390_UPrint control by userPM/CS Printing
T390DPM: Destinations and database names for downloadNotifications
T392PM: DDIC structures for print diversionPM/CS Printing
T392_VPM: Detailed selection for print diversionPM/CS Printing
T399GMaintenance Plan Sort FieldMaintenance Plans
T399G_TDescriptions for Maintenance Plan Sort FieldsMaintenance Plans
T399IPlanning plant parametersOrders
T399JMaintenance parameters (client)Orders
T399PMaintenance item category parameterMaintenance Plans
T399UControl: General PM/SM settings
T399WMaintenance plan type parameterMaintenance Plans
T399W_TMaintenance plan category descriptionsMaintenance Plans
T418VItem category proposal for component assignmentOrders
T790Warranty Transaction - Initial ValuesWarranty
T790_CWarranty Default Values - Initial TransactionsWarranty
T790GWarranty TypeWarranty
T790G_TWarranty Type TextWarranty
T790TWarranty Category FunctionsWarranty
T790T_CWarranty Category Default ValuesWarranty
T791ZPermitted Warranty Counters - GeneralWarranty
TA22EQUEquipment TypesTechnical Objects, Equipment
TAFWDCORU: Messages that are not interpreted as errorsConfirmations
TAPLAllocation of task lists to functional locationsTechnical Objects, Functional Location, Task Lists
TC23Key for use of the work center in the task listsWork Centres
TC23AValid types for the work centerWork Centres
TC24Person responsible for the work centerWork Centres
TC25Work center formulasWork Centres
TC26DDefault values for capacityWork Centres
TC29Distribution key for capacity loadCapacity Planning
TC29FDistribution function for capacity planningCapacity Planning
TC29LDescription of distribution keysCapacity Planning
TC29RDescriptions of distribution strategyCapacity Planning
TC29SDistribution strategyCapacity Planning
TC29TDescriptions of distribution functionsCapacity Planning
TC29VDistribution functionCapacity Planning
TC30Work center categoryWork Centres
TC30AWork center categoriesWork Centres
TC30CWork center category screen selectionWork Centres
TC30DDefaults for the work centerWork Centres
TC30TText for the work center categoryWork Centres
TCAM1CAPP menus, level 1Capacity Planning
TCAM2CAPP menus, level 2:  header linesCapacity Planning
TCAM3CAPP menus, level 3: menu componentsCapacity Planning
TCAPICAPP statusCapacity Planning
TCAPMDate of the last mini reorgCapacity Planning
TCAPRRounding rulesCapacity Planning
TCAPSFiles that can be read in CAPPCapacity Planning
TCAPTTables used in CAPP formulas and methodsCapacity Planning
TCARARounding categoriesCapacity Planning
TCEITCAPP status (text)Capacity Planning
TCF02PRT categoriesPRT
TCF04Status of the PRT masterPRT
TCF05Language-dependent text table for PRT statusPRT
TCF06Field groups in the PRT master for referencePRT
TCF07Language-dependent texts for field groups in PRT masterPRT
TCF08Assignment of PRT master fields to field groupsPRT
TCF10PRT control keyPRT
TCF11Language-dependent text table for PRT control keysPRT
TCF13Language-dependent text table for PRT group keysPRT
TCLOI5Method for Planned Order Selection by Work CentersWork Centres
TCMESSettings for External Scheduling of OrderInstalled Base, Classification
TCMFULScreen Layout for Completion ConfirmationsConfirmations
TCORDTable for field-dependent check routinesConfirmations
TCORUParameters for Order ConfirmationConfirmations
TCORUPBTXTCustomizing Single Screen Entry Confirmat.: Status InterfaceConfirmations
TCORUSSDEFCustomizing for Single Screen Entry of a ConfirmationConfirmations
TCORVTable with Routines for structureing variable loop linesConfirmations
TCORWConfirmation: Window ControlConfirmations
TCR00Installation constants for work centerWork Centres
TCY01Combination of selection setsCapacity Planning
TCY02Combinations of selection sets - descriptionsCapacity Planning
TCY03Kombinations of sel. sets - assignment of sets to combin.Capacity Planning
TCY05Classification of fields as primary or secondary sel. fieldsCapacity Planning
TCY06Overall profiles for capacity planningCapacity Planning
TCY07Sel. profiles (Sets for sel. screens & interv. for display)Capacity Planning
TCY08Option profilesCapacity Planning
TCY09List profiles (standard settings for lists)Capacity Planning
TCY10Descriptions of overall profiles (Table TCY06)Capacity Planning
TCY11Texts for selection profile-table TCY07Capacity Planning
TCY12Descriptions of option profiles (Table TCY08)Capacity Planning
TCY13Descriptions of list profiles (Table TCY09)Capacity Planning
TCY14Variable overview - column namesCapacity Planning
TCY15Variable overview - column descriptionCapacity Planning
TCY16Variable overview - column definitionCapacity Planning
TCY17List version - keysCapacity Planning
TCY18Variable overview - description of overview versionsCapacity Planning
TCY19Variable overview - definition of overview versionsCapacity Planning
TCY20Variable overview - column headings for overview vers.Capacity Planning
TEBCOCO/SD Interface: Product Number Determination from COResource Related Billing
TIH01Display Fields for PM ReportingTechnical Objects, Functional Location
TIH02Field Selection for Partner AddressesNotifications
TIWOLControl table for SAPLIWOL - Object listNotifications
TMATYMachine typesCapacity Planning
TPAER_PMPartner Functions in Partner Schema (PM) with Copy FlagOrders
TPARUControl parallelized confirmation processesConfirmations
TPEXTProfile for external procurementOrders
TPEXT_TText tables for profiles (external procurement)Orders
TPMIMIM allocation keyOrders
TPMPMaintenance profileOrders
TPMPOMaintenance order processing profileOrders
TPMUCDeactivate the Update Check CO_ZV_CONSISTENCY_CHECKOrders
TPMUSPM/SM - User default valuesOrders
TPRRUControl table for process chain for confirmationConfirmations
TPRRUTText table for process control of confirmationConfirmations
TPSTFunctional Location - BOM LinkTechnical Objects, Functional Location, BOM
TQ80Notification TypesNotifications
TQ80_TNotification type textsNotifications
TQ80OObject info parametersNotifications
TQ81Notification ScenarioNotifications
TQ81_TTexts for Notification ScenariosNotifications
TQ81VUsage of partsNotifications
TQ81V_TTexts for usage of partsNotifications
TQ82Change of Notification TypeNotifications
TQ83Partner Functions for CodesNotifications
TQ85Function table for follow-up functionsNotifications
TQ85_TAction box text tableNotifications
TQ85RRules for Follow-Up FunctionsNotifications
TQ86AAssignment report category for work centerWork Centres
TQ8COAssignment of reference orders to notification typeNotifications
TQ8TNotification categoryNotifications
TQ8T_TNotication category textsNotifications
TQBERNotification: Tabstrip DivisionNotifications
TQBTScreen type table for subscreenNotifications
TQBTTScreen category text table for subscreenNotifications
TQSCRNotification: Screen controlNotifications
TQSCRTNotification: Text table heading tabstripNotifications
TQSUBNotification: Subscreen control for notificationNotifications
TQSUBTNotification: Subscreen control for notification text tableNotifications
TQTABSNotification: Contol table tabstrip function codeNotifications
TQTABSTNotification: Tabstrip ControlNotifications
TRUGSUser status caused by deviationConfirmations
TRUSControl table for collective confirmationConfirmations
TSRTBSort stringsCapacity Planning
TSRTTSort strings (text)Capacity Planning
TSUBSCRAREACustomizing for Single Screen Entry of a ConfirmationConfirmations
TTTABTables for technical dataCapacity Planning
TWOBLControl table for SAPLIWOL - Object listNotifications
TZARTValue types for CAPPCapacity Planning
V_EQUIEquipment (view)Technical Objects, Equipment
VERFKProcess header dataCapacity Planning
VERFTProcess textsCapacity Planning
VERMEAssignment of CAPP methods to CAPP processesCapacity Planning
VERTEAssignment of CAPP processes to work centersCapacity Planning
VFORKFormula header dataCapacity Planning
VFORPCharacteristics for formulasCapacity Planning
VFORSFormula stringsCapacity Planning
VFORTFormula textsCapacity Planning
VIAUF_AFVCPM order operationsOrders
VIAUFKSMaintenance order (view)Orders
VIAUFKSTMaintenance orders (view)Orders
VIBDPMFLLink from RE Object to Functional LocationTechnical Objects, Functional Location
VIMHISMaintenance Plan History (view)Planned Maintenance
VIMI29Maintenance orders - Modernization measure allocation???
VIMPOSMaintenance Item (view)Maintenance Plans
VIQMELNotifications (view)Notifications
VISER02View TableTechnical Objects, Contracts
VIVEDASales Document ItemSales Orders
VMETKMethod header dataCapacity Planning
VMETPCharacteristics for methodsCapacity Planning
VMETTMethod textsCapacity Planning
VMETVRules for characteristicsCapacity Planning
VMETWDefault values for characteristicsCapacity Planning
VSAFFH_CNVersion: PRT allocation to work orderPRT
WCAAPWCM: ApplicationTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCABWCM: ValuationTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCACDWCM: Operational Class <-> PM ObjectTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCACEWCM: Operational Condition <-> Operational ClassTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCACGWCM: WCM Object <-> CatalogTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCACHWCM: (Temporary) Log for Tagging/Untagging (Time-Frame)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCACIWCM: (Temporary) Log for Tagging/Untagging (Conflict Check)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCACMWCM: Current Operational Condition/TypeTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCACNWCM: (Temporary) Log (Tag/Test Tag)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCACOWCM: (Temporary) Log for Tagging/Untagging (Ref. Object)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCACQWCM: Log for Tagging/Untagging (Conflict Check)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCACSWCM: (Temporary) Log (Protected Area)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCAGNWCM: ApprovalsTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCAGNSWCM: Approval SegmentTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCAHEWCM: Work Clearance Document (Header)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCAITWCM: Work Clearance Document (Item)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCALAWCM: WCM Object <-> WCM ObjectTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCAODWCM: PM Object (Object List)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCAPLWCM: Print LogTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCAWWCM: Work ApprovalTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCAWCM: Operational Conditions/TypesTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCBWCM: Operational ConditionTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCBTWCM: Operational Condition (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCCWCM: Operational TypeTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCCTWCM: Operational Type (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCDWCM: Operational GroupTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCDTWCM: Operational Group (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCEWCM: Conflict RulesTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCFWCM: Revision PhaseTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCFTWCM: Revision Phase (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCGWCM: Overall Conditions of Technical SystemTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCGTWCM: Overall Conditions of Technical System (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCHWCM: TrainTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCHTWCM: Train (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCIWCM: Tag <-> (Operational Group, Operational Type; Test Tag)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCJWCM: Selection Fields for Creation with TemplateTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCKWCM: Operational ClassTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCKTWCM: Operational Class (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCLWCM: PrintTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCLTWCM: Print (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCLXWCM: Print (User-Specific)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCMWCM: PM Order <-> WCM ObjectTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCNWCM: ValuationTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCOWCM: WCM ObjectTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCORWCM: WCM Object (Master) <-> WCM Object (Slave)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCOTWCM: WCM Object (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCPWCM: WCM Object <-> ApprovalsTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCQWCM: GroupTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCQTWCM: Group (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCRWCM: Application ProfileTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCSWCM: Selection Fields for Data TransferTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCSTWCM: Selection Fields for Data Transfer (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCTAWCM: Grouping (Status)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCTBWCM: Grouping (Approval Status)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCTCWCM: Grouping (Additional Data)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCUWCM: Use of Work Clearance DocumentTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCUTWCM: Use of Work Clearance Document (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCVWCM: Physical Blocking TypeTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCVTWCM: Physical Blocking Type (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCWAWCM: Changes (Additional Data) ForbiddenTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCWBWCM: Assignment ForbiddenTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCXWCM: Use of Work ApprovalTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCXTWCM: Use of Work Approval (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCYWCM: Use of ApplicationTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCYTWCM: Use of Application (Texts)Technical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCCZWCM: Text ProcessingTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCMTXFLDWCM Taxonomy Folder: Instances of Logical Info ObjectsTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCMTXLOIOTWCM Taxonomy Folder: Descriptions of Logical Info ObjectsTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCMTXLOPRWCM Taxonomy Folder: Attribute Values of Logical Info ObjsTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCMTXLOREWCM Taxonomy Folder: Outgoing Relationships of LOIOsTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
WCMTXLORIWCM Taxonomy Folder: Incoming Relationships of LOIOsTechnical Objects, Permits, WCM
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