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Transaction Variants:

TCode: SHD0 1, 2, 3,

Used to amend the sap standard transaction screens.

Global Field Values:


Used to amend the sap standard fields (similar to field selection in the IMG).

Field Exits:

TCode: None

1. The SAP system has to be configured for field-exits (see ABAP Team)

2. Run TCode CMOD and enter FCode PRFB

3. Create field-exit and function module

4. Ensure both FE and FM are active

5. Test

Business Transaction Events (BTEs):



TCode: SE38




TCode: SE18/SE19

Enhancement spots (from ECC6):

TCode: SE18/SE19/SE38

The latest generation of enhancement options.

Enhancement options are automatically available at certain pre-defined places. Some of the implicit options are:

  • At the end of all the programs (Includes, Reports, Function pool, Module pool, etc.), after the last statement
  • At the beginning and end of all FORM subroutines
  • At the end of all Function Modules
  • At the end of all visibility areas (public, protected and private) of local class

Search the SAP web site for a document called Introducing: Enhancement Framework

Field Selection:


Read the SAP Help

The function field selection allows you to change the attributes of screen fields dynamically at runtime. However, you should only use this option if you often need to assign different field attributes to the same screen for technical reasons.

Business Data Toolset

SAP Help

SDN Document

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