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Here is a list of cut-over tasks that should be considered during go-live.


Please contribute:

1. Number Ranges (manual activity, or manually created transports)

  • Measurement points

  • Measurement documents

  • Equipment masters

  • Maintenance plans

  • Maintenance items

  • Task lists: general, equipment and functional locations

  • Notifications

  • Orders

  • DMS documents

2. Reports

  • Create default variants for selection screens e.g. IW28/9

  • Create default layouts for ALV displays e.g. IW38/9


3. Maintenance Plans

  • Strategies for maintenance plans

  • Create initial measurement documents which are required for counter based maintenance plans

  • Schedule maintenance plans from start-date of go-live

4. Batch Programs/Interfaces

  • Schedule batch reports such as IP30/CO99/KO8G, custom developed reports/programs, etc.

  • Schedule batch reports with distribution lists to email data to users

  • Schedule batch programs for interfaces

5. Master and Legacy Data

  • Transfer open orders/notifications from legacy system to SAP

  • If required, transfer historical data to SAP: orders, notifications, measurements, etc.

  • Classes & Characteristics (you can ALE these from one system to another)

  • Stock levels for maintenance spares

  • Run program RI_IFLOT2IFLOS if you are using alternative labels for functional locations

6. Master and Legacy Data

  • Set up local printers

  • SmartForm/SAPScript fonts

  • Printer settings for barcodes


7. Finance Data

  • Set up labour rates via KP26

  • Create cost element groups for value categories (OIK2)

8. Translations

  • IMG activities

  • Classes/characteristics

9. Maintenance Stock

  • Print bin labels

  • Check posting periods are open

  • Stock levels for maintenance spares


10. Miscellaneous

  • Data for non-customisable Z tables

  • QuickView/ABAP Query reports

  • Parameter ID settings (transaction SU3)

  • Selection variable settings (transaction STVARV)

  • User favorite menus (requires Z program)

  • User personal lists (requires Z program)

  • Workflow activities e.g. email addresses

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