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How to find tables in SAP:

  1. Select the required field
  2. Press F1 for help
  3. Select the Technical information button (hammer/spanner), or press F9 if you are using the old style help dialog screen
  4. Double-click on the data element field
  5. Double-click on the domain field (provided it isn't something like CHAR1, otherwise go to step 6)
  6. Select the where-used button (button with little yellow square with 3 arrows radiating)
  7. Select indirect application from the pop-up box
  8. Double-click on the Database Tables line in the next pop-up box
  9. You should now have a list of all DB tables where that field is used (this should work in about 90% of cases)


  1. Run TCode ST05 (performance analysis)
  2. Press <activate trace> button
  3. Enter the transaction you want to use (e.g. /NIW32) in the command code box
  4. Enter an order number in the Order sub-screen
  5. Execute, or F8
  6. Enter /NST05 in the command code box
  7. Press the <deactivate trace> button
  8. Press the <display trace> button
  9. Review tables
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