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This is a short article to share with you a new SAP S/4 HANA feature which I find very useful and that eases the way to export a lot of useful data from SAP GUI to Excel.

As a former Financial Controller, I faced a lot of time-out issues whilst trying to export SAP data to excel. A lot of people will tell me that BI reports exist to deal with a lot of data but very often BI arrives long after the implementation of the ERP and in the meantime Excel remains a great ally of Management Controllers.

Let's consider the SAP GUI report FAGLL03H - G/L Account Line item browser. As a reminder, the FAGLL03H transaction is the main report based on the new universal journal ACDOCA on SAP S/4 Hana.

The aim of this article is not to describe the content of this report but to give the users two options to export a lot of detail to Excel without facing time out issues

Option 1: Steps for the quickest Excel download


1- Enter the FAGLL03H transaction in the rapid access menu


2- The selection criteria to be changed are at the bottom of the selection window.


3-  Choose the following options

  1. Choose the layout you want to export. For this test, I chose a user-specific layout I have created with about 250 fields. It's up to you to create the adhoc layout

  2. This box is the new SAP S/4 Hana option

  3. Don't check this box. Hence the excel export can take place without having to display the result on the SAP

  4. Choose the folders to store the report result, the name of the file and the file extension (to open the file automatically with excel choose .XLS)


4- On the Top of the report click on the execute button or press F8

5- The following message is displayed

The Excel export is finished and clicking on the button takes you back to the FAGLL03H selection screen for a next selection if needed.

6 - How to display the result on Excel?

Open your files explorer and check that the file has been created.


7- Open the excel. No need to convert cells to columns and make additional work.


Option 2: Equals to option 1 + Displaying the result in SAP


1- Follow the same instructions as option 1 to step 3. At step 3, check the "Display result list" box (as hereunder) and run the report.


2- Steps 5 to 7 of the option 1 remain the same and additionally the report is displayed in SAP as hereunder



This test has been run with 36.000 lines and 250 columns which consist of "few" data. The option 1 ended in less than 6 seconds, option 2 took about 20 seconds in a sandbox set up in Google Cloud.

If we consider that the report FAGLL03H is the major Financial Report in SAP S/4 HANA based on the new ACDOCA universal journal and you can select up to 730 columns I appreciate the new way SAP allows us to run the export "in the background".

I hope you found this tutorial useful. Feel free to leave your comments for discussion.


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