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Backend System – SAP S/4HANA 2022FPS02

Business Scenario –

The business had a requirement to initiate the implementation of a sales quotation workflow rule based on an escalation in discounts determined through the condition technique. Specifically, when the discount percentage associated with the ZUDP condition type exceeds a predefined threshold, it should activate an approval process for the sales quotation. It's important to note that any reduction in the discount condition type, ZUDP, will not initiate the approval procedure.

Furthermore, when multiple ZUDP values are incorporated into a sales quotation line item level, they should be aggregated and assessed against the predefined discount approval thresholds as established within the workflow. The sales quotation status will go to a pending approval status based on the parameters outlined below. Subsequently, it will necessitate approval before proceeding with subsequent operations.

Approval Level User Role ZUDP discount Exceeding the automatic discount Approval
Level 1 Sales Rep Manual Discount change < =ZUDP + 5% No Approval
Level 2 Sales Manager Manual Discount change < =ZUDP + 10% The sales Manager should approve
Level 3 Sales Head Manual Discount change > ZUDP + 10% Sales Manager and Sales Head should approve


The approver should have the capability to review individual line-item discount increase directly within their My Inbox application, without the need to access the quotation separately.


Overview  -

This blog post provides guidance on integrating a field generated through the custom fields app into the Line-item view of the My Inbox Approval for Sales Quotations.


Steps -

Generate the custom field using the custom logic app and populate its value within the exit USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE in MV45AFZZ.

Custom Field App


Enable usage of the custom field in the query C_SALESDOCUMENTITEMDEX from the tab UIs and Reports.

Activate the Query from UI and Reports tab


After the "Net Value" column, the company wanted to include a new column containing the value of the discount increase.

My Inbox App

Find the CDS view using the Inspector.


Get the field name from the VBAP table.

SE11 VBAP Table

Generate the Extension view with the necessary UI annotations. Failure to include these annotations will result in the field not being displayed in the Inbox.

Extended CDS View


Upon successful creation of the Extended view with the required annotations, a newly added custom field will become visible within the Fiori Inbox items.

Extended My Inbox App

Conclusion -

Now SAP provides tools to customize the applications without any code changes or UI changes. This will increase productivity of Functional and Technical consultants. Special thanks to chathu9206 for the functional guidance.
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