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Dear SAP Folks,

In this blog post, I will share how to Transfer Customization objects from one client to another client (Business Roles, Custom Analytical Queries, Custom Business Objects, Custom Catalog Extensions, Custom CDS Views, Custom code lists, Custom fields,  Custom Logic, Custom Reuse Library, Custom tile, Custom UI and etc & refer below screenshot) in RISE With SAP Public Cloud 2208


One of our sap community members already posted the TR Movements Blog in ECC & S4Hana

please refer below link it will give additional information Now I am going to post how to transfer

Customization in RISE with SAP Public Cloud 2208 is totally different from ECC& S4Hana


Fiori APP Name:

Export Software Collection and Import Software Collection tiles

  • Export Software Collection we should use Development System (Q System)

  • Import Software Collection we should use a Production client (P System)


  1. Export Software Collection

Here I already developed Service PO Print Form template in the development system now I'm going to move development system to production system.

Use Export Software Collection tile

Here click Plus Icon and Create New Collection

Enter the Form template name or anything and save

Then click Service PO Collection and click add items

See here we can move the following configuration from development to production (Except for IMG Configurations) but now I'm going to move the PO Service form template only so here select 'Form Template' 

Before form Selection please upload the form template in (Maintain Form Template tile) Once its uploaded then only came here.

See Here select the Service PO template and click Export.

Here Select All Items

And Click Export

See here export status. Now we exported the Service form template in the development system.

After that open your production system and use the import collection tile

Here see Status and select line item and export

Now Verification is done and again click import

Now see Import status now import is completed and check the form template in the production system the same way we can use it to transfer customizations from one client to another client

IMG Configuration TR movement is different I will write another blog...........


I hope this is useful for all of our community members

I believe, It will be helpful and will provide sufficient information to the readers

Thanks For Reading. Please share your reviews & feedback…


Thanks & Regards

Venkatakrishnan Subramani