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Many implementations are not exploring a full potential of the standard functionality within PS reporting.  In this short post I will discuss one of such functionalities that is very useful for any project manager and can be used also for the data quality checks in specific circumstances.

CN41N is a very flexible and powerful report that is a kind of project dashboard by means that it presents total figures and supports customer exits that can be used for example to calculate custom KPI logic.

Below is the sample screen from the CN41N report and I would like to bring your attention to two buttons called Exception 1 and Exception 2:

These two buttons allow us to define certain run-time conditions to color lines in two different colors. One of my favorite fields is POC (Percentage of completion).  For example, a project manager considers the project to be 50% completed and wants to high-light work orders below 20% (red) of completion and above 80% of completion (green).

The first "exception" is responsible for the green color, therefore I will set condition as shown below:

The second "exception" is responsible for the red color, therefore I will set the range from 0 to 20%. Next I will run the same report and observe the colors:

The above example serves for the simple illustration of coloring the report lines, I believe there are many cases that can be more interesting.  If the project has many lines this function helps to spot certain figures without a help from Excel.

What I also observe is that POC is limited to 100%, while a common task would be to identify work orders that are exceeding plan hours, either to update the plan or to raise a flag.  System will not calculate that POC is 120% or 300%, same as you cannot validate the condition that Actual hours > Plan hours.

Another useful option is to discover some abnormal combinations of master data or financial figures and therefore it can serve for the data quality checks too.

Please share your business cases for this functionality if you have good examples in mind.

Thank you.
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