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It's very important to always pay the vendor invoices on due date,

This improves the companies chances in getting good deals, keeping a good reputation and getting more discounts and better payment terms

Companies usually have a lot of vendors,

and every vendor has different payment details (bank account details, payment method, payment terms, ...etc)

Keeping track of all the vendors' details, open invoices, and due dates can be very challenging


The Payment Program in SAP ERP (F110):

  • Helps accountants easily keep track of what invoices must be paid, how the invoices will be paid and the bank accounts included

  • Can send payment notices to vendors: informing them that payments have been processed

  • Can communicate directly with the company's bank account: and execute the bank transfers (after getting needed approvals)

  • Can communicate with a printer: and print the payment cheques automatically

  • It's a very flexible program that can easily be adjusted to do many other functions


In the video below I explain the functions of the payment program, along with a live demonestration on SAP S4HANA System



Don't forget to leave me your comments and questions, and join my network on LinkedIn for more content.


Thank you for watching and reading, see you in the next blog.


Best regards,

Abdullah Galal
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