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With ABAP Platform 1909 Developer Edition I started to try out gCTS compared to AbapGit. But my plan is to build an automation toolchain on my local computer to simulate how to use in a business context.

So after getting Abap platform 1909 running very easily (after upgrading my RAM 😛 ) I wantet my own local "mini" Git-Server. I decided very quickly to use Gitea. It's really lightweight and easy to install with Docker. Also the user interface is almost similar to GitHub.

Install Gitea with Docker-Compose-File


version: '2'
image: gitea/gitea:1.12.4
- ./data:/data
- "3000:3000"
- "22:22"
- db
restart: always
image: mariadb:10
restart: always
- MYSQL_USER=gitea
- ./db/:/var/lib/mysql

After running docker-compose up -d I had my Gitea-Instance running on http://localhost:3000/ .


For my first Test with AbapGit I created a repository Test_A4H_AbapGit.

Now I can clone the repo link http://localhost:3000/sascha/Test_A4H_AbapGit.git and use it with AbapGit. But because you communicate between two running containers you have to change to

After that I started ZABAPGIT and cloned the Gitea repo.

So to try everything works I created a simple Report and pushed it to the remote master branch. After entering my credentials the push was finally complete.

But I also want to try scenarios with gCTS so I did the same procedure with gCTS which is almost completely preconfigured on ABAP Platform 1909 Dev Edition. I only had to start Fiori Launchpad.

After starting gCTS you have to enable gCTS with some pre-configured steps. Then I created my first gCTS-project. (Of course, I first created a corresponding repository on Gitea)

Then I I cloned the repository first. Before pushing a manual selected object to test I added my credentials. Before I did that, I had some nondescript pushing errors. You do this in the configuration tab with the parameters CLIENT_VCS_AUTH_USER and CLIENT_VCS_AUTH_PWD.

After that you can select an object under the objects tab to try.

Finally Push 🙂

I already run a Jenkins CX instance under Docker to use Project Piper. I'll take a look at that next and try to connect it to Gitea. Another small step towards my own local and small automation toolchain... 😉